2017 SEO Trends

2017 seo trends sirius design group

We have Great News from Google!

Have you heard about the looming 2017 SEO trends?

Read this article to get the latest spooky trends that’s going to swish aside “old school” SEO thinking and tactics that will have Halloween spammy tricksters quaking in their boots. 

Penguin 4.0 hit the shelves and already we’ve seen sites that rely solely on organic SERP traffic go dead in the water without a paddle or a boat!  

Worried about your site going dead in the water?  It will, if you don’t pay attention to this article.

According to our inside sources, and Search Engine Land, Google intends to launch a SEPARATE search index for mobile within a few months.

2017 seo trends sirius

That’s right, two separate indexes to deal with.

The mobile index will become the primary index, and it’s unclear how it will work just yet.

2017 seo trends

However, while everyone else is fumbling around, we’ve already established a method that works. This method is contained within our Exclusive Members Training Portal.

Our Strategy Increased Revenue 94% when compared against a Competitive PPC Source.

2017 seo trends sirius design group ppc traffic

Over the last few months, our revenue from non-competitive PPC sources increased by 94% when compared against branded.

Amazingly our advertising budget remained the same. How did this happen?

At Sirius Design Group, we pride ourselves in our constantly evolving knowledgebase and strive to provide our clients with the latest resources.  We have a saying here at Sirius, if you can’t teach it, then you don’t know it!

2017 SEO Trends: Are We Really In Trouble, or Are We Just Paranoid?

The 2016 election season is in full swing. People are talking about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump; but are they talking about how they’re making money in their sleep? Probably not.

2016 has been an exciting year for many of us. New Traffic, New Google Updates, AdSense Account Terms of Service Changes. The European Union’s criteria against Google shows turbulence. 

There are now over 200 ranking factors according to Google.

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The old school days of keyword stuffing and pathetic keyword strategies are dead. 

If you didn’t already hear that, the keyword based SEO strategy is gone.

Developments by Google from the Panda update in 2011 to the rollout of RankBrain and recent changes in the AdWords Keyword Planner...the writing's on the wall - it’s time SEOs have a new strategy for content, it’s all based around Mobile Content, Quality Content, Longer Content, Shorter Content, Video/Media Content, and of course Social Share-ability.

Everything must be sharable and mobile optimized.

2017 SEO trends includes mobile optimization, page speed improvements and social networking signals. The ability to work harmoniously with Google RankBrain will be key. 

Hope you have a great rest of the week!