Who We Are

Sirius Design Group
William | Founder

Entrepreneur, Investor, Fitness Enthusiast, Organic Foodie and World Traveler.
Digital Real Estate
Eva | Co-Founder

Entrepreneur, Web Design Expert, Organic Foodie, Cat Lover and World Traveler.
Internet Entrepreneur
Sylvia | Legal Counsel

Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Online Businesses, Tax-Incented Investments and Intellectual Property.

About Us

Sirius Design Group is a Global Leader and Innovator in Digital Real Estate, Passive Income and Intellectual Property Monetization. We offer our Clients a Proprietary Blend of High Tech Marketing Strategy and Unparalleled Innovation to Online Business Startup, Growth and Development. We are a collective of visionaries, creators, marketers and technologically successful human talent.

Our proven results come from years of practical and diverse education coupled with access to powerful resources. In the face of an ever-changing dynamic, we have remained steadfast in obtaining successful results thanks to our result-driven no-ego environment.

Our Mission is a commitment unparalleled excellence in providing our clients with the right financial opportunity coupled with powerful life-changing education enabling them to change their financial future!

Sirius Design Group Is Not a Website Broker!

We are a team of brilliant minds put together by two dreamers who refused to quit! 

Who started from scratch and worked hard to become masters of Internet business, Passive Income, and Intellectual Property Monetization. Just like you, they had lofty dreams. Just like you, they had the same drive and hunger that you do and grabbed their life by the horns and made their dreams a reality!

They’re not any different than you. If you’re ready to work hard, then you’re ready to be the next William and Eva.

There are many companies out there that promise you the moon and deliver you a website, but do so with no knowledge or know-how to turn it into a passive moneymaker. Sirius Design Group is a team of brilliant and talented individuals put together in a very unique way. 

We’re not some antiquated marketing firm that’s still using methods from the 90s. We’re a new and youthful company in the digital world filled with energy and ideas. We provide you valuable and hard-to-find knowledge that we discovered through countless hours of research, failures, and personal growth & development. We know how to effectively start up and run an online business where you can receive passive income from any form you want such as apps or e-books.

We are so lucky to be able to share our passion for Freedom and Entrepreneurship with our clients and provide them the same success we achieved.

Our Reason for Existing

Many people today are aware of the concepts of "working from home" or "making money online from anywhere." Entrepreneurship is at an all-time high, and in 2015, telecommuting to work (Skype etc.) reached 37% in the USA alone! Unfortunately, many people are skeptical and believe making money online is a "pie in the sky" pipe-dream. They couldn't be more wrong, wrong, wrong!

Despite being immersed in a digital world, we find many people are frequently limited by poor knowledge of the internet, low technical skills, and lack of a sound opportunity. As Internet sales climb steadily, e-commerce is expected to surpass some physical storefronts by the year 2025.

This means more people will be utilizing the Internet to make their purchases, and browse the Internet to read product reviews and blogs containing consumer information.

Why We Can Help

There has never been a better time to work from home than now. People dream of leaving behind that 9-5 and hour-long commute to sit in the comfort of their own homes and make money without getting out of their pajamas. They want to travel the world and be able to make money on the beaches of Aruba or from the heights of a New York hotel.

Most people don’t think it’s possible for them, so they continue on without ever knowing that freedom, but they could not be more wrong. Despite being plugged in to the digital world for almost everything we do, many people don’t understand the Internet or have the skills to make it as an independent business owner. We’re here to make your dreams come true and cut the 9-5 cord.

How We Do It

Sirius Design Group provides you with a stable passive income vehicle for success through turn-key websites, monetized domains, web development, Intellectual Property creation and Marketing including Search Engine Optimization services.

We provide the latest and up-to-date tools to give our clients their own ecommerce storefronts, and have learned from some of the leaders in the industry. We have the drive and passion to help you succeed in making money online—the right way!  We know tried and true tactics and are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and methods that provide extremely strong value to our clients.

Our goal isn’t to just drop everything in your lap and walk away. We’re here to give you the tools you need and work with you to develop the skills to build and grow your business. Our goal is to provide you the tools for success no matter what your budget.

Our Mission is to inspire you! We want you to be inspired not only by our abilities and tools, but also by the success we have achieved using these same methods.

But What Sets Us Apart?

You no doubt have been inundated by spammish emails and flashy websites from companies offering digital business success in a bottle. These Clickbank "gurus" selling you a product for $47.00 that promises to be the magic bullet to success.

They promise success through a single formula that is supposed to fit everyone. We know that every business is different, and a $47.00 cookie-cutter approach isn’t enough.

Compared to other "online gurus" and "experts" teaching similar concepts, ideals, and methods, we have been blessed to receive the REAL SECRETS to actually making money online, thanks to success mentors in the industry and in business. That came with hours of research, thousands of dollars, and painstaking failures. 

We’ve been using these secrets for over five years ourselves and want to share them with you!

Our Mindset is Different

We believe that competition is a good thing and by sharing our knowledge with you, we’re helping others succeed. We don’t hoard the secrets just for us and a select few. They worry about market saturation, but we understand that the Internet is nearly endless and there will never be market saturation. There is room for us, you and everyone else!

Why do we think this way?

Simple - We Believe in Karma - What Goes Around, Comes Around!

We have a spiritual approach to how we do business.

The days of cutthroat dealing went out with the cassette tape and VHS. The new world is designed for everyone, and that’s how we do business. You’re getting our successes, our failures and all the research and time in between. Our methods have been perfected by trial by fire. It would have taken you thousands of dollars and man hours to go through the ups and downs that we did. We’re giving you the battle-hardened knowledge that only comes with experience and experimentation. We’re leaders in Internet business and you’re getting all our expertise, connections and knowledge without going through what we did.

In this world of smartphones, email and Skype calls, it’s important to understand your customer is different from buyers a decade ago. They’re technologically savvy and need an approach designed for their needs.

So just imagine being 21 years old, earning $100,000 a year fresh out of college, thanks to Internet entrepreneurship. What about eliminating those retirement pensions woes by earning an extra $3,000/mo. online through a mini-business that’s basically recession proof?

We hope to make your dreams come true and your worries disappear through Internet Entrepreneurship. Our time-honored success principles are based on teachings and mentoring from past and current greats such as Wallace D. Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Dennis Cummins, Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Bob Proctor and Billionaire Jim Pattison (of Jim Pattison Group).

Success is Never An Accident!

About The Founders


"I Believe In Creating Your Own Economy"

Entrepreneurship has been in William’s blood since he was a child. He began as an 8-year-old boy selling his mother’s freshly grown vegetables in his neighborhood. When he made his first $40 in a single day, he knew entrepreneurship and freedom was his calling. As he grew up with technology at his fingertips, he understood where the world was heading and taught himself web design, coding and the skills needed to become the successful businessman he is today.

When he was out in the business world, a friend from his old University introduced him to the lucrative world of Internet Entrepreneurship. He began his journey into Digital Internet Real Estate and the rest is history. Since then, William had the privilege of working with, and being taught and mentored by, high profile investors, businessmen and CEOs from around North America through a variety of successful online and offline endeavors.

A milestone achievement happened when he successfully paid off over $150,000 in student loans solely from Internet Marketing. After introducing Sirius Design Group co-founder Eva to internet marketing, they established themselves as brilliant entrepreneurs in the 21st century digital world.

His passions and interests include mentoring Entrepreneurs, Fitness, Travel, Spending time outdoors, Philosophy, Yoga, Meditation, and Reading. William's ultimate legacy is funding the start-up of a street clinic providing free medical aid as well as teaching and inspiring principals of Self-Reliance.

For William, Sirius Design Group is a labor of love. He wants to give people the same opportunities and financial security that he enjoys.


"You Are Only Wealthy When you Have Time-Freedom"

Also coming from a family background in Entrepreneurship and Civil Service, Eva believes in teaching the principals of Freedom through Service. Her mission is to share her love and gratitude for time freedom and creativity by inspiring others to do the same.

Her very strong technical skill set comes from being gifted with an eye for detail coupled with a very strong creative side.

Eva began her journey in the working world like most of us. After graduating from college, she landed herself in a well-paying corporate job, but she quickly found herself with no life and in a toxic atmosphere of back stabbing, sucking down coffee to stay awake, consuming fast food on the fly, clinging to the corporate ladder, and 80-hour workweeks. She had no personal life and knew there was something more out there for her, and she realized she was worth more than that.

She understood at an early age that she wanted to work to live, not live to work. She met William, discovered Digital Real Estate, “retired” at the ripe old age of 22 and has never looked back.

She’s currently living the life she always wanted, full of time-freedom, travel, and expressing her precious gifts of creativity and kindness through Internet Entrepreneurship. She’s helping others achieve their dreams this way and she loves sharing her knowledge and expertise to inspire those around her. She believes life is a precious gift that we all deserve to live to the fullest.

Eva believes in freedo and inspiration. She’s equal parts analyst and artist with an eye for detail.

Her passions are travel, yoga, crafting, fitness, music, and painting. Her ultimate legacy is inspiring and mentoring female Entrepreneurs, and supporting cage-free animal shelters. 


We Wish you All The Best Life Has to Offer!
William and Eva
Founders of Sirius Design Group