AdSense Appeal Success

adsense appeal success
AdSense Appeal Success

Google AdSense is for many people a very lucrative industry. However, for some unfortunate folks, it can be a complete nightmare! In this article, we discuss the secrets to AdSense Appeal Success, getting your account back on track and earning those big AdSense bucks!

First of all, we always recommend diversification of revenue streams as an Online Marketer or Entrepreneur - this Ensures your Success! 

Let's face it, you wake up in the morning (like we do) to check how much you made; when Lo! You receive an email from Google banning your AdSense Account. Not good news!

After the initial panic, sense of loss and frustration, you re-read the email and see you can FILE AN APPEAL!  So you desperately fill out the form in a cloudy emotional haze of anger, blame, and victimization, then fire it off. There, now it feels like you did something right? 

Wrong Move! 

Filing an appeal within hours or days of receiving notification from Google that your account closed, is one of the worst things you can do. Why?

AdSense Appeal Success - A Patience Game

When you fill out the appeal form right away, it triggers an Algorithm to check your website using various sophisticated methods. If Google sees everything remains the same with your website, it will file the appeal away into their "Junk Filters." vs receiving a manual human review, which, is what we are aiming for in the cases of Invalid Activity. 

At Sirius, we recommend waiting approximately 2-3 days prior to filing your AdSense Invalid Activity Appeal form. This ensures that Google knows the form was thoroughly understood and read properly - and of course, corrections to your website.

We recommend allowing yourself these 2-3 days to remove the emotion - take a step back and analyze what to write by considering the following:

  1. Review your backlinks - any spammy backlinks are a flag against your AdSense account.
  2. Review your traffic - Any recent spikes or drops? In many cases Invalid Activity results from Click-Fraud.
  3. In the appeal form Google asks you for your server logs - provide these
  4. Copyrighted Content - Google's zero tolerance policy for Copyrighted Content makes this one a no brainer!
AdSense Appeal Success - Learn The Secrets!

Firstly, you must always ensure click-fraud protection is working on your site. This will prevent and stop any dubious persons from accessing your site and ads. The next thing you must do is utilize the power of Google WebMaster Tools and disavow any spammy back-links.

Google wants to know you take action and do something to improve the quality of your site and user experience! 

Also, you will need to know the difference between an account suspension, and account disabled.

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Our Proven Methods of AdSense Appeal Success 

The Google AdSense Publisher System relies on a very complex computer algorithm - of which, we cannot explain here for various reasons. The goal of any AdSense Appeal Success Form is obtaining a manual human review

Accomplish this via these screenshots and 4 basic maneuvers: 


adsense appeal success

Updated: November 18 2016

AdSense Appeal Success - The "Secret Sauce"
  1. Clean up your website and backlink profile. 
  2. Ensure your content is free of copyright issues and passes Copyscape.
  3. Ensure your traffic is AdSense Safe.
  4. File the Invalid Activity Appeal and include your Publisher ID twice - If you do not have your Publisher ID, you are unable to complete this appeal process. 
  5. When you file the appeal, include traffic logs from your hosting provider, and ensure to include your Publisher ID at the bottom this time, after that, you will write the words "Thank you for your due consideration and manual human review.

Click Submit and You're Done!



AdSense Appeal Success Story

Google AdSense Appeal Success Story


At Sirius Design Group, we always love receiving emails like the above because it means we know what we're talking about. In fact, we always backup our claims with proof!

Remember what we always say - Content is king!  Always ensure your website has great readership, content, strong back-links and a safe social profile! 

Not everyone is this "lucky." If your site has grossly negligent content, or drug use etc., it is highly unlikely you will succeed in reinstating your AdSense account and there's little we can do to help you!

Guarantee your AdSense Appeal Success by keeping your content pure, your traffic consistent, and your back-link profile clean.

Alas, If you have tried all of the above, then please contact us, explain your situation in detail and we might be able to help you!

Here's to your Success!
Sirius Design Group Founder