How to Become a Successful Internet Entrepreneur

how to become a successful internet entrepreneur

How to Become a Successful Internet Entrepreneur 

There are many many factors that go into being successful in any endeavor in life. To quote someone connected to my family about the definition of success: 

"Success in Life is Becoming What You Want To Be."

Wallace D. Wattles

So you want to learn how to become a successful Internet Entrepreneur huh?

You've come to the right place!

At Sirius, we view success as a recipe, and it's up to you to mix the ingredients together to make a successful cake.  For example, let's say you are baking something, and you add too much salt, or not enough sugar, will your recipe be successful? No! Of course not, so using our logic, why would Internet Entrepreneurship be any different?

Online businesses and Internet Entrepreneurship has forever changed how we do business in the 21st century. Some online businesses have changed people's lives.  For the first time in history, a 12-year old can setup a website in his bedroom and earn more than his Dad working for some Fortune 500 company grinding 80+hrs a week!

It can happen fast or slow - depending on your mindset.  For me, I thought I was cut out for a rinse and repeat life of "get a good education and then get a good job" like the rest of us trained and programmed. 

Our parents and teachers meant no harm, but it sure won't make you free, and it definitely won't make you rich.  So what's the secret? Eventually, after a series of life-changing events, I began connecting dots, and a flash of inspiration came to me "maybe I can be a successful internet entrepreneur?" 

Growing up with a computer around from Age 11 onward, I had always used the Internet, but failed to realize I could make a ton of money from it.  

The internet truly changed my life!

In fact, it's easier to start an online business than an offline brick and mortar business.  It requires far less capital, and the barrier of entry is way lower.  The return on investment can be phenomenal (as high as 400%+) - depending on the workload and time you put in.

How To Become a Successful Internet Entrepreneur - Realistically Speaking

There are several business models that lead to success based on proven methods - Remember that success leaves clues!  But these are all effects. What do I mean by that?

Well...thoughts are the cause of all things, actions, behaviors and words are merely the effects....

Success begins with a mindset.  You need and must have a goal that you really want. The money is merely a means to an end. There are several ways of earning money online, but they will all fail if you lack the proper mindset. So I will discuss that now they are as follows

  1. Awareness - You must be "aware" that you are unhappy and want change in your life.
  2. Decision - You must make a decision to change your mindset from a poverty consciousness to a wealth consciousness
  3. Courage - You must after making a decision to change, have the courage to act.  Even taking small goal oriented steps each day. 
  4. Faith - After acting with courage, you must have faith, faith in yourself, in a higher power, and in mankind.  This step is crucial. 
  5. Hope - There will be setbacks and failures, through this, you must have hope and faith you will succeed with PERSISTENCE! 
  6. PersistenceThere is no substitute for persistence, because through the failures, you will rise like the Phoenix from the ashes onward to success!

Now that we have established the mindset on How to Become a Successful Internet Entrepreneur, we can take action based around the most popular Online Business Models in 2016 and Beyond...

The 11 Business Models of the Internet Entrepreneur Gold Rush

Adsense Publisher Program

Adsense is probably the easiest and most simple right now.  All that is required is you create a content website and drive traffic. This can be done via paid search traffic, or organic search engine traffic. The traffic clicks on the AdSense ads and then Google gives you a piece of the pay every month! Earn hundreds of dollars while you sleep!

Sound too good to be true? We think not, because you can read these success stories about the AdSense Publisher Program straight from Google themselves. 

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is one of the oldest online affiliate programs in existence. People have been generating millions of dollars from home earning money through the affiliate program. Experts can take certain traffic and make money within a day using this program. 

Affiliate Marketing - ClickBank and Commission Junction

Similar to, or like the Amazon affiliate model, you simply sign up to promote different products and build websites around those products.  However, this can be tricky because like the Google Sniper days, there were thousands of websites that went from HERO to ZERO in 3.2 seconds due to poorly designed sites, and spammy content. Which is why we will teach you EXACTLY how to promote an affiliate product through the combined art of soft and direct selling. 


Dropshipping is a good place for you to start out and experiment with the e-commerce business model. You merely create a sales funnel that actually ships direct from factory to the buyer.  The gross margins are way thinner and it is very low risk to yourself, and to banks, if you decide to take out a capital loan.  What a fantastic way to get involved right? Similar to AdSense this can be one of our favorites here at Sirius. 

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is very close to an e-commerce store. Your store is actually ON and with that comes all the benefits Amazon has to offer including traffic, affiliates that promote your product on their niche sites and even FREE product promotion from Amazon! This industry is extremely lucrative but requires more up-front venture capital because it is a long-haul kinda deal whereby people brand around their products and with anything this can take time - but the leverage potential is HUGE!


Ecommerce is like having a digital retail store. You can sell rings, trinkets anything you want. You buy a product, find a place to store it (usually around your home or your neighbors home) then fulfill the orders from there. Many people use extensive paid traffic with this business model, particularly AdWords and Facebook due to the reach potential of the various and diverse markets. This model works like a charm on how to become a successful internet entrepreneur because one of my success mentors showed me over the shoulder how he made $40,000 a week selling basic graphic tshirts online! WOW! 

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS products are huge right now because of the value. Almost every SaaS product has recurring billing, each customer can have a huge long-term value that allows companies to lose a little money upfront on the business transition but make money over a long-term due to the constant usage. There is a higher cost due to the infrastructure being higher in the IT realm with building the software, but the long-term pay offs are astounding!  We see these products everywhere from accounting to sales to even writing platforms. 


Learning How to become a Successful Internet Entrepreneur can be as simple as reflecting back to when you were just a customer. You've bought something on Amazon before right? Did you know that you were probably interacting with someone's store? Ever bought an ebook? There are people selling videos, dating advice, fitness consultations etc. Once a product is launched, there's no limit to how high you can scale it. It costs almost nothing to sell 1,000 units, outside of marketing costs. This  business model has the potential to make you millions in a week! 


Apps are a big business. At the time of this being written, that Pokemon GO is expected to surpass Twitter by the end of 2016. Those are some insane numbers. The biggest thing with App design is making the app addictive, incorporate some publishing ads, and then incorporate "In-App Purchases." There is a higher up-front cost with app development costing anywhere between $5,000 USD to $500,000+ and you will need to have ready some sketches drawn out. 

Productized Services

Productized services are fairly new to the overall industry. They have been a blessing for freelancers on places such as O-Desk, and Elance. Imagine creating a series of great videos and then marketing them teaching people how to become a successful Internet Entrepreneur and then selling them? - Bringing you money in while you sleep? WordPress plugins are another fantastic example, YOAST-SEO for WordPress offers services once the plugin is installed, for a fee of course. This is a fantastic opportunity because it means you can outsource your product and promote it leveraging the fact it's a service. 

Lead Gen

Lead Gen or Lead Generation is a HUGE opportunity for local and international markets. How to become a successful Internet Entrepreneur begins with the ability to help others, knowing you need help  yourself. There is no room for pride in the Entrepreneur's toolkit. These opportunities where you are sending leads to offers such as loan repayment programs, colleges, universities, or your local electrician who might pay you 20 bucks for a great lead.  This opportunity is extremely diverse and offers opportunities to earn lucrative amounts - I've personally seen leads as high as $400/lead.

So What Business Model is Right Then?

Each of these business models offers the opportunity to generate a five, six, seven or even 8-figures online from the comfort of your own home. We've generously given you this article because we care deeply for our clients success and are offering you the opportunity to learn about each business model.

While some models do better with others, all of them can be scaled with a little elbow grease. You might fail in your first few attempts, but Edison failed 10,000 times before he invented what we now know to be the "Light Bulb" - So what's your excuse? Fears? Lack of Capital? Laziness? Fear of Criticism - What will "they" think? 

The best advice myself, or anyone can give you is to simply make a decision and DO IT. Play the game. Have a goal in mind - Begin with the End in Mind!

Be a Mark Zuckerberg! Because the online business world has something to offer everyone!

This is the 21st century and ideas are "In the Air." 

How to Become a Successful Internet Entrepreneur

We've answered this question. At Sirius, we use all of them and we've had phenomenal success with them over the years and we're willing to teach you how, but you first must make a decision you want more out of life! Our Mission 

Leading and Inspiring The Human Spirit Toward Freedom In The Digital Age
-Sirius Design Group

Which means we offer to you the idea and education - But then what you then do with it, is up to you. 

However, what Entrepreneurs need is not really huge amounts of knowledge per se but..

The ability to evolve and adapt


In Today's World...You'll be Left in the Dust!

So what now? 

Well....If you liked this article and feel inspired you can check out Our Services and Pricing Page for a list of what we can offer you. Being able to earn money while you sleep, or relax in the sun at the beach is the whole point of starting an online business!

If you're wanting more information, check out our Blog to learn more on Internet Entrepreneurship, the Latest News in the Industry and Passive Income Methods. 

And If you're still on the fence about How to Become a Successful Internet Entrepreneur, then you better quit reading this, go back to your cozy little cubicle and continue browsing on Instagram and Facebook.

Then at lunchtime, send your friends a "Snapchat Selfie" at the water cooler. Afterwards, keep clock watching to 5 o'clock to when you're off work. At home, you'll eat dinner, watch TV or a little Netflix, flip flip, then go to bed, wake up and do the same thing all over again, and again, and again..only to call it life.  

Aren't you worth more than that? We think so! 

See you at the Finish Line!

Sirius Design Group Founder

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