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Updated: August 16, 2016

Periodically we receive emails like the one above asking for our advice or assistance with a particular matter. This email we received recently is about a common issue, and we want to "clear the air" and offer our FREE advice to keep you moving forward toward becoming a Successful Internet Entrepreneur

adsense alternatives try to login to your AdSense account when you wake up this morning only to find it's disabled. You frantically try to login again and double-check you got the right information, but no luck...

You received an email straight from the Big G themselves...


Google AdSense Account Disabled
Time: 6:21am


With our advertising programs, we strive to create an online ecosystem that benefits publishers, advertisers, and end-users. For this reason, we sometimes have to take action to protect our advertisers and users from negatively impacting how the ecosystem is perceived.  Unfortunately, Your AdSense Account has been disabled or temporarily suspended, however, you may submit an appeal here."


Wow! What a nice email to start the day huh? Every day, thanks to Google RankBrain, and other Google updates, there are hundreds of publisher accounts banned from using Google AdSense.

Why? We are unable to tell you exactly and neither will Google; but in many cases, it's almost always due to neglecting to install a premium click-fraud monitor onto your niche site! 

Despite this, Google AdSense remains to be one of the longest established, and most stable way of earning money online passively. Nothing in business is without risks, but the risks are drastically lower by staying compliant with their Terms of Service!

Best AdSense Alternatives

We stay on top of the latest news, and in 2014 Google banned over 140,000 thousand sites and publishers for trying to game the system. Which, is why we employ traffic methods that are compliant with the Google AdSense Publisher Program that we've tested and verified ourselves here at Sirius.

So instead of bashing Google and/or anyone else in multiple forums (actually this is a very bad idea, and very unprofessional) - Relax because the world is not over!

There are hundreds of ways to make money online with many AdSense Alternatives that I will talk about in this article.

Stand Back Up On Your Feet - Be Professional - Act Professional

There is no time to waste!

Best Performing AdSense Alternatives

I will touch on the major and best-performing AdSense alternatives in the Online Publishing World. For further services on how to use them, I suggest you get in touch with us via our Pricing or Contact Us pages to schedule a Skype call with us to see if we can help you!

Amazon Affiliate Network

There are products galore on Amazon that you can promote as an affiliate member. If you sell a cable, you might earn a few cents but if you sell a laptop you could earn easily a couple of hundred bucks. One of the many great AdSense Alternatives!

Yllix Media

A simplistic looking site, but fantastic returns and a very easy to navigate dashboard. You even receive daily payments from them. They are kind to smaller bloggers and publisher applications are typically promptly approved. You'll have an easier go of it with this company than Amazon for AdSense alternatives, but you'll need to have a slightly higher volume similar to Taboola listed below.


Great network, but requires a slightly higher volume of traffic than the average small-time blog. Earnings from Taboola are very comparable to AdSense and we've seen months generating over 2 grand. The support is very good and some very large corporations such as MSN, The Weather Network, and Business Insider use them!

Since these heavy hitters use AdSense alternatives too, it's just a case of learning which one works with a certain niche and traffic type. Pretty Simple! All it requires is a little dedication to your cause!

Propeller Ads

A strong advertiser and publisher network with fantastic monetization potential. With their publisher’s dashboard, you can monetize your traffic in less than five minutes, track your revenue with in-depth reporting, and have really strong ad channel management. We've experienced great customer support, great returns, and fast payments. One of many AdSense alternatives we'd encourage you to check out!

AdSense Publisher Program

Wait a minute? How does that work if my account is disabled? Well, we are here to tell you, that you are allowed multiple AdSense Accounts...provided that they are separate and legitimate entities.

This thread right on Google Forums clearly states it's permitted. However, care must be taken to ensure legitimacy and that Google sees you are not attempting to "game the system."

The appeal process is the only way to restore your personal AdSense account. But, Google does permit legitimate business entities to join the AdSense Publisher Program, if registered separately!

We always recommend multiple accounts and diversifying your sites across various accounts, that way, if a problem occurs, all is not lost.

Important...they must be separate from a legal and banking perspective.

While this article does not constitute business decision making, we are offering you an opportunity to see the Light at the end of the tunnel and we've been doing this a long time! We recommend you contact us if you need help because we provide extensive consulting services for Intellectual Property and Domain monetization for AdSense.

In Conclusion

AdSense alternatives can alleviate the pain of a Google hammer while you move forward to receiving a successful appeal and new account approval. 

What can we learn from this? Well, there will always be setbacks in ANY endeavor we embark on in life, however, it's vitally important to remain persistent despite any setbacks. Quit feeling sorry for yourself, get back out there and bring home the bread with AdSense Alternatives!

Success really begins and ends with a mindset - Anyone can be a Successful Internet Entrepreneur!

Here's to your Success!
Sirius Design Group Founder

We are not representatives of Google or working for, or with anyone in the Google AdSense Department. Additionally, this information is for educational purposes only. 
If you have legal, banking, tax, or business decision questions regarding how to proceed, you should consult professional legal and/or accounting counsel

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