Build A Successful Online Business

build a successful online business
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Build A Successful Online Business and Become an Entrepreneur!

A lot of successful entrepreneurs like Peter Thiel, Mark Cuban, and Elon Musk got started with online businesses. The Internet and social media have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages and walks of life.

Now everyone has a chance to succeed in business as long as they have a laptop and an internet connection. 

Build a Successful Online Business - It's the Future!

But building one that actually makes money takes a bit more work. The online environment has become like a modern day gold-rush with hundreds of gurus each offering their 'secret' to how they made millions of dollars overnight.

But luckily, there are many real online entrepreneurs who left behind lots of clues to help you avoid the pitfalls that most new business owners fall into (free of charge).

In this article, we are going to look at some of the basics of how to build a successful online business. While it's not easy starting a business from scratch, good planning will give you the best chance of success. Use the steps outlined below to create a strong business model before you begin turning your ideas into cash.

How to Build a Successful Online Business in 6 Steps:
Step 1: The Foundation

Your first step is to identify your market, as well as the problem that you need to solve. This is where you find a need before you fill that need.

It involves conducting a lot of market research into determining your customer avatars as well as clearly identifying your solution.

Once you know exactly what kind of transformation you are going to be offering in your business, then you must determine who you're going to serve as well as how you are going to reach them. Don't make the mistake that most newbies make: they look for a product first, and then the market second.

Step 2: Build Your Platform

This is where you set up your blog or website. Fortunately, technology has advanced so far that these days even a six-year-old could put together a professional looking website with very little instruction. But, it's another question to then make money from it. At Sirius, we teach our clients how to monetize a website.

This makes learning how to build a successful online business considerably easier. You also need to set up your branding, logo, and your core pages. After you create the core pages of your site, you can then start crafting the pillar content around your topic, and then smaller content 'clusters' that are focused on long-tail keywords and link them all together for great SEO benefits. Your website will be the hub of everything that you do online so make sure that it's done well the first time.

Step 3. Write Copy That Sells

Every page on your site should be centered around your call to action to deliver on the transformation that your business is all about.

This means that you have to either have great copywriting skills, or you may need to outsource that part to someone who does. Follow the proven sales copy formula below to convert more visitors:

  • Arouse their interest with compelling headlines
  • Describe the problem(s) that your product solves
  • Position yourself as the expert who will solve their problem
  • Leverage testimonials from customers who loved your product
  • Outline the product benefits to the user
  • Make an offer, and include a strong guarantee
  • Create urgency and then ask for the sale
Step 4: Start Building an Email List

Once you've set up and populated your website or blog, and after you've ensured that everything is aligned around the transformation that your business delivers, you're now ready to serve your prospects.

But the first thing you need to do isn't to run out and start looking for web traffic and sales. You must build an email list.

There's a reason why marketers have been preaching that 'the money is in the list' for years. Creating a way to communicate with your audience without having to go through the entire traffic headache is one of the elements of a successful online business.

Also, it's a great way of turning single visits into sales. So start by creating a simple lead magnet, and an operational lead funnel using a squeeze page, and then build out a simple email follow-up sequence for your lead magnet.

Step 5: Now Open the Traffic Valves

A lot of marketers believe that they have a traffic problem, but in truth, there is no such thing. Traffic is everywhere! There are tons of platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, that are ready and willing to sell you loads of qualified traffic.

You could get visitors flowing to your site in minutes, but most marketers think that they should be able to build a multi-million dollar business online without spending a single cent.

Smart marketers know that buying traffic is necessary, especially in the beginning. As time goes and your SEO efforts start to pay off, you will be able to rely on paid traffic less and less.

Step 6: Growth and Expansion

By now you have achieved something that almost 90% of people fail at who try their hand at online marketing. You have an online business that is fully operational. Now it's time to enter the growth and expansion stage where your main task is to find ways of constantly building upon what you've already created.

This Process is Two-Fold...

  1. Constant testing and tweaking to find ways of making your business run better
  2. Improving conversions, perfecting offers, and increasing sales

This is an ongoing stage where you also get to introduce some of the stuff that you didn't have time to do before. Your focus at this point is to increase statistics over time. Now that everything is working (and growing) as it should be, you can start finding ways to outsource, automate, and systematize as many of your business tasks as you can so you can find more time and location freedom.

The Future is Digital!

Online business is extremely profitable. The low overheads together with the minimal staff requirements mean huge potential to make massive amounts of money. Anyone, regardless of age, gender, education level, or work experience can build a successful online business. 

Countless people, including our existing clients, have used this process, and most of those who saw it through to the end are now successful online entrepreneurs. So, Get Started Today and use a tried and true sequence of the exact steps you need to build a successful business online - The Sirius Way!

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