Buying an Internet Business

buying an internet business
What You Need to Know about Buying an Internet Business

If you’re looking for new ways to make money, you may be considering buying an Internet business. There are a lot of great reasons to move in this direction and we’re going to outline these reasons for you today. Also, we’re going to talk about the best way to get the job done!

This practical, no-nonsense guide is designed to help you get organized and to open up a new stream of income via the World Wide Web. Once you’ve read this article, you’ll have a better sense of what’s involved and of whether or not this business opportunity is really right for you.

Benefits of Buying an Internet Business

To help you understand the power and potential of the Internet in terms of hard facts, let’s explore some statistics from 2013. During this year, 2.7 billion people utilized the Web, from locations all over the world. This equates to 39 percent of the world’s population. Internet usage in 2013 was a whopping six times greater than it was just a decade earlier. That’s exponential growth on a very grand scale.

E-commerce is booming, as so many Internet users are making the decision to buy what they need online, rather in the local community. This is why so many malls are closing and so many small shops are struggling. Shopping online is such a convenient option, and people are busy, so they appreciate the ease of doing it. By 2017, e-commerce and online advertising sales is expected to pass over 370 BILLION dollars! Anyone that is considering buying an internet business is perfectly positioned to make a smart move! 

In 2013, Web-based purchases totaled over 1.5 trillion dollars! This was a 400 billion percent increase from the year before. For 2015, total sales equalled 300 BILLION dollars!

Clearly, money is out there and we do mean big bucks! Getting your piece of the pie is about choosing the right Internet business opportunity. We do have many options available to assist you in doing so, but it's important to make a good decision!

There are different business models for making money online, including digital ad revenue, profits from selling goods and services and profits from memberships to websites. Since Internet businesses are usually cheaper to operate and also provide entrepreneurs with more flexibility (such as the capacity to work from anywhere which has a Web connection), there are plenty of opportunities to explore and many things to think about.

Lastly, you should know that it’s easy to get out of most Internet investments when you want to. These businesses usually sell much quicker than bricks-and-mortar businesses do.  This is fantastic because it means quicker turn around times and floating availability of the domains. 

Buying an Internet Business - The Website 

Business opportunities of this type are listed all over the place online. There are actually online marketplaces where websites are bought and sold, so you’ll have plenty of places to search for interesting deals. Three of the most popular examples are Empire Flippers, eBay and FreeMarket. You may choose from established websites or starter-sites – there are a variety of options available. All of these online marketplaces have good reputations.

The actual act of buying a website or buying a percentage of an existing, Web-based business isn’t too complicated. You will make an offer, there will often be paperwork (which may or may not be digital paperwork), etc.

Due diligence is important, we offer you plenty of due diligence opportunities listed in our Terms of Service page, unless you’re buying a brand-new website which you’re setting up yourself. 

God is in the details and you’ll need to do research in order to ascertain the current profitability of a website, whether or not its seller is reputable, how the business does in terms of claiming market share, whether or not it has the potential for future growth, etc. Thankfully, here at Sirius Design Group, we utilize third party services such as to ensure 100% confidence and trust across all transactions. 

Website traffic is a another key factor. Organic traffic is now considered high risk because one update by Google, and your whole empire will go poof - up in smoke!

The care that you take before a purchase will help you to protect you from a bad deal. In general, the savviest entrepreneurs invest in things that they know about.  Choosing a website which has content you are familiar with may make it easier for you to understand the business and guide the business forward.

So, think about your passions and how you may bring them into the mix!

Buying an Internet Business - Marketing is key!

Whatever you decide to buy, you should know that marketing will one of the keys to making it profitable or keeping it profitable. Online marketing requires a multi-prong approach. Most entrepreneurs promote their websites across all social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest.

As well, they optimize their websites and social media posts for SEO. SEO stands for (search engine optimization) and it’s the key to strengthening Google rankings. The goal should be to get your website on the first page of Google search engine results for your preferred keyword or keywords.

Social media platforms are free to use. SEO is something that you learn yourself or outsource. We do offer SEO services as well if you are interested in learning more. There are also paid advertising gambits, such as pay-per-click ad campaigns and the purchase of banner ads, which are then displayed at other websites.

If all of this sounds complicated, you may rest assured that it gets a lot easier over time. It’s all about posting fresh, SEO-optimized content on a regular basis, as you also practice superb customer care and keep your website running as smoothly as possible.

Now that you know more about how to buy an Internet business, you’ll be able to weigh the risks and pros and cons and make a smart decision.  You can check out our pricing page and our services pages for more on what we offer at Sirius Design Group.

To your Success,
Sirius Design Group

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