Digital Marketing Tips 2021 – Connect and Be Found by Customers

digital marketing 2021

Know Your Audience and Know Them Well.

This might sound like a given, but it’s one of the best digital marketing tips we can give - ever. Whether it’s traditional or digital marketing — know your audience. Understand what “language”/tone/ images they respond to and even what platforms they prefer or what their probable buying habits are- and base all your marketing decisions around these factors.

Too often, brands structure their marketing plans so broadly that audiences aren't hooked due to the lack of a narrative to resonate with.

While casting a wide net may seem like a good idea-consider directing your strategy towards a niche community of customers. Speak specifically to those who are more likely to understand your brand. This will help you engage customers and convert them into returning customers.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Since the pandemic started in early 2020 — the use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets has drastically increased. This makes it even more important for your website to be mobile optimized.

A desktop site is a pain to navigate on a much smaller smartphone screen and will make your customer more likely to go somewhere else. A smartphone-friendly website will also help with your Google ranking — since Google is more likely to recommend a more responsive, fast, and visually stable page.

This doesn’t mean you should only be prioritizing mobile web pages only- remember that some users prefer desktop. They’re just more likely to be on mobile more often than they used to be.

Keep Your Website Updated- ALL THE TIME.

This might be our favorite of all digital marketing tips. It’s 2021, please don't be the business with the phone number that doesn’t work. Keep in mind that Google also lists the information you provide — so it matters that the information you post on your website and is updated and accurate.

Other than just basic information- also make sure that your webpage is responsive and user-friendly. No user will waste time searching through an unresponsive or poorly designed page.

We understand that keeping a website up-to-date takes time and effort, which is why we offer Website Management Services. We’ll make sure everything is perfect, smooth, fast, and constantly up-to-date.

So, you can keep your focus where it matters- running and building your business.

Get Right With Alexa- Optimize your webpages/content for voice search

Welcome to the new age of voice search, this is probably the most "2021" of all digital marketing tips. More and more users prefer to use voice search to get their answers fast, without the hassle of typing things down. To make full use of voice search, optimize your content.

Use simple language, FAQs, and organize the syntax to answer easy questions that sync with common voice search queries. If you’re stumped on where to start, thankfully we learned all this in 4th grade — begin with the basic 5 “WH-” questions (who, what, when, where, and how) and build from there.

Keep your “Google My Business” listing up to date. Voice search tools are also more likely to draw information from there.

Be proudly sustainable and express that on your platforms

Let’s face it, we haven’t done the earth much good. Thankfully everyone in 2021 is just as passionate as you are when it comes to taking care of our only home.

While this may seem like a more on-ground and in-store tip, being sustainable and green will also do your digital marketing some good. Everyone wants to know that the brands they support care for the earth too - and the stats show that.

82% of consumers strongly feel that companies should be helping the environment, and that translates to the rising popularity of sustainable and eco-friendly brands. Brands that are transparent about each step of the supply chain. 

The key here is communicating sustainability and your commitment to it via your branding and content. Either make environmentalism part of your brand identity or continually remind your customers of it.

You can opt to display a banner permanently. You can also integrate it into your visual branding, or tell and retell the story through channels. 

Social Media Commerce

In early 2020, Facebook launched shops for both Facebook and Instagram. Meaning your customers can shop directly via your page- without ever leaving the app. While still relatively new, it’s best to get ahead of the curve now.

Optimize your accounts and switch them from just sharing accounts and learn how to sell your products and solutions on social media. 

Social Media is transforming at such a quick rate and while it may be overwhelming, remember that its goal is to reduce the friction between product and purchase. Social media is no longer just a place for connection - it is the new mall. The sooner we internalize that, the better we make use of it. 

mobile friendly websites

Go Local - Local SEO

Here’s a more COVID-friendly SEO pro-tip. GET LOCAL. With travel at a slight halt, everyone will want to stay close to home and also support local businesses. It is then imperative that you keep your Google My Business account updated with information that adapts to these rapidly changing times.

The current clientele will want to see relevant information like online bookings, deliveries, and other contactless options. Local SEO has its own unique set of ranking signals, but they mostly involve your GMB Listing, check-ins, the frequency of your updates, the tone of customer reviews, and the keywords it picks up from those reviews.

Reviews matter, since no one seems to want to be surprised these days - all customers want to know what a business is like before going out.

While Google usually prompts users via push notifications for a review, you can also do your part to generate more. Why not ask your customers to review your business as part of an after-sales spiel? Or offer a small discount/ freebie in exchange.

Having a good number of reviews is essential and part of the customer journey. 

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