End Your Organic Traffic Love Affair

End your Organic Traffic Love Affair, organic vs paid traffic sirius design group

Organic Traffic - A Tragic Love Story

Are you ready to end your organic traffic love affair?

After over 5-years of making passive income online as Internet Entrepreneurs, we decided to write this article to shed some light on many myths and lies regarding the trumped-up value of organic traffic to your website or web-based business. Especially the myth that organic traffic is more valuable than paid traffic business models.

A great number of buyers of web-based business and digital real estate tend to hold a delusional belief about the value of organic search engine traffic.

At Sirius Design Group, we can understand that, we’ve even seen some self-proclaimed “experts” and “Gurus” encouraging first-time buyers to avoid sites that generate revenue from paid sources.

This is total Bulls***, and you will be making a dangerous mistake if you do that.

Yes, of course, we are biased, but hear us out and spend the time to read this article!  In this article, we will explain why organic search engine traffic is actually a huge risk!

Unstable Risks - The Google Smackdown!

Very few webmasters and site owners realize there is a huge risk associated with organic search engine traffic. 

Even sites that have maintained stable rankings for years can have their business implode literally overnight while they’re sleeping due to small changes in Search Engine Algorithms.

You must keep in mind that this applies to sites that utilize not only “blackhat” methods of traffic generation, but also perfectly legitimate ones as well. Having a quick look around the webmaster forums when Google does an update will give you an idea of the gravity of the situation we’re discussing here today.

Check out this Google WebMaster Forum

Do you remember “MobileGeddon” that came out and many sites that were “SEO’ed” but not mobile optimized were slapped down?

That’s right, slapped right down overnight and their revenues plummeted!

Many sites that have touted fantastic rankings for months or years go belly-up overnight and their once popular blogs have vanished.

Paid traffic has NONE of these issues, and there is almost ZERO risk.

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Due Diligence Hassles and Burdens 

Digital Real Estate that has been aggressively targeted for organic traffic using especially those using scripts (Like the new Facebook Traffic Script floating around) and "black-hat" methods are at huge risk of their investment completely vanish within a few hours!

Organic Search Engine Traffic - POOF. Gone. Just like that.

Sometimes, it can take a while for third parties to register changes and it can be sometime before search engine rankings appear so when you’re considering purchasing a site, it’s important to examine the existing SEO structure but also what YOU will be doing in the future with the domain itself. Very often, blackhat techniques fail in a few months or a couple years down the road.

Domains that receive large amounts of organic traffic are actually a due diligence burden, because analysis through third party programs such as SEMrush, Builtwith etc are not always accurate, especially if there have been multiple owners of a domain.

As a buyer, your job of sifting through the various SEO materials is greatly lengthened and the burden rests on you.

Here at Sirius Design Group, we believe in providing you with a smooth and as transparent Due Diligence experience as possible by our guidelines laid out in the Terms of Service page. With our proprietary COMBINATION TRAFFIC MODEL we employ a combination of organic and paid traffic with an emphasis on paid traffic so naturally, this problem greatly lessens and in fact, speeds up the Due Diligence process!

We do want to stress that good SEO practices and organic traffic are still important and valuable but only so much when balanced in a diverse traffic and business model.

End Your Organic Traffic Love Affair by having the guts to think outside of the box, and use your head!

Competition Struggles

Another issue one must understand when acquiring a site that relies solely on organic traffic is the person is limited by competition.

This is a hassle all on its own as webmasters and other designers engage in weak and futile attempts to “SEO” their site which then takes months and months to rank and even longer to see a quick Return on Investment.

Starting a PPC campaign is fast and effective, and once approved the traffic comes to the site within a 48hr time frame. It’s very simple and straightforward and the very nature of Facebook and other PPC methods allow one to experiment even with limited budgets!

Do you place a higher value on organic traffic or are you starting to grasp the importance of paid traffic now? When’s the last time you got a site ranked with an income in less than 1 month?

The size of your advertising budget depends on how good you are at converting your leads into sales. Can you run your business effectively?

A website that is better than the competition deserves to get more business.

End your Organic Traffic Love Affair by actually blowing competition totally out of the water! 

In September 2015 when this article was written, we thought "when’s the last time you saw advertising on the BOTTOM of Google"

The Answer is Simple – Never!

Ramping it Right up - Scaling Struggles!

Sometimes many webmasters realize once they’ve been running a site for a long-time how little they’re succeeding with scaling up organic traffic. The only way to increase traffic is by improving your SERP rankings.

Very poor time investment / revenue ratios with SEO.

Don't you value your time as an Entrepreneur? Do you need us to tell you that?

However, more often than not, this is an extremely tough job that can have an opposite effect if done poorly by inexperienced buyers and webmasters!

At the same time, most PPC traffic can be easily scaled up, especially Facebook, AdWords, and our other platforms. A question we’re often asked is “Is the Business Scalable” – Yes!

Of course, this is because we combine organic and paid traffic, but rely more on paid traffic to our digital real estate properties, which yields a faster return on investment while the organic traffic grows.

Another question we’re often asked is “If it’s scalable, why aren’t you running it at 10k/Month etc.” This is because, across our portfolio, we’ve set a budget that works for us that keeps things consistent.

If you’ve purchased a domain from us, you’ll know you can scale up your traffic at any point when you get comfortable!

While it is also possible to scale up organic traffic properties by simply adding paid traffic to the model, you need to keep in mind this: When buying a site with existing paid traffic, you’re also buying all of the testing behind that traffic.

Here at Sirius Design Group, we’ve done the work for you! You’re buying not only our successes but our failures, and have saved you thousands of dollars or even hours of “trial and error.”

End your Organic Traffic Love Affair by using your time effectively with a combination business model that actually works! 

Optimizing your Conversions – Or not! 

Lastly, ever tried to optimize or “split test” a website receiving solely organic traffic? We can tell you that the split testing process with search traffic is a total joke.


Because they are so many variables with ZERO control.

Efforts may not be seen for days sometimes weeks, then if it’s wrong, you have to revert it back and try again. What a pain in the A**!

What works for leads, visitors, and clients isn’t necessarily what works for search engine rankings even at all.

You see with Paid Traffic, especially PPC traffic, it’s extremely simple and easy to do, you run several tests at the same time, analyze them and increase your conversions by focusing on what works and eliminating what doesn’t. Results can be dramatic and effective, often within a maximum of 14 days!

End Your Organic Traffic Love Affair - Goodbye My Love!

The year is 2015, as the economy continues to be unstable, and more and more people are drifting toward other income-producing methods besides the 9-5 grind and pitiful mutual funds with poor returns. Student loan and Retirement debt keeps many people awake at night.

Then they hear about Digital Real Estate Investing and Passive Income, and immediately jump online to buy their first site, have it flop then say “this stuff doesn’t work, it’s a scam.” We can’t speak for other people’s integrity or other companies, but our background of success in this industry speaks for itself.

Regardless, what worked in Internet Marketing in 2000-2010 is not what will work now, or even 5 years from now. The realm of the Internet is constantly evolving and since Google, Yahoo/Bing are the head honchos it’s important to change with the times. At Sirius Design Group, our team is constantly expanding our knowledge to ensure we’re evolving with the marketplace.

Google will be making many more changes in the coming months and years, and if your site is not prepared, it will get slapped. Examples include Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, and Mobilegeddon just to name a few.  Regardless if you’re considering purchasing from us or not, we trust this article has provided you with a shift in focus and knowledge to prepare you for the future!

Oh, and by the way, all of our traffic complies 100% with AdSense and Affiliate Terms of Service 

Ready to End your Organic Traffic Love Affair?

Or are you willing to branch outside of the box and jump on the team for the big win?