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google adsense safe paid traffic

If you are like us, when we first started, you know generating traffic is hard. Then you want to monetize your website with Google AdSense. Next you need to find Google AdSense Safe Paid Traffic.

You built a website, and employed a little SEO, now what?

Google AdSense Safe Paid Traffic Struggles

Month after month, you struggle with dollars in your AdSense account, ok maybe even cents. In this article, we're going to teach you 3 vital tricks you must know before using paid traffic with AdSense. There are many ways to obtain paid traffic that actually converts, but it will require some patience, and money. 

Google AdSense Safe Paid Traffic is OK!

Traffic generation is a struggle, we've all been there. When was the last time you saw big AdSense checks in your bank account? Have you ever had your AdSense account banned, and wanted another one to get back in the game? 

Did you know that Google allows multiple AdSense accounts?

Did you know that you can actually buy AdSense Safe Paid Traffic?

What would you say if you knew you could setup traffic campaigns to your website (That are Google Approved) and make money while you sleep? A Dream? or Reality?

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Trick #1 - Good Content

Always ensure you have quality content on your website prior to applying for the AdSense program. This might seem obvious, but believe us when we say we've had clients who attempted to use their site with copied content.

Once you have quality content on your website, you can apply for the AdSense Publisher program

After you receive acceptance, you will begin a process of analysis of traffic, without the risk of failure. The only way you will ever succeed with Google AdSense Paid Traffic is discovering for yourself that it actually exists!

Fail your way to Success!
Sirius Design Group Founder

Trick #2 - Traffic Testing Methods

At Sirius, we have a bare minimum period we test traffic for. Typically, we require our traffic to receive multiple payments from Google prior to claiming "100% Safe." One of the best methods of testing traffic, is setup a dummy AdSense account for the purpose of testing traffic. That way, you can ensure your real AdSense account won't receive the ban hammer in case something goes wrong.

Expect to spend anywhere from $500-$10,000 split testing traffic.

We've been doing this over 7-years now, and we have a "secret sauce" method we won't disclose here to test traffic for AdSense. You will always want to start off testing the traffic to a site that employs good SEO practices, and ensure you have a Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Contact us pages. If you have multiple AdSense accounts, ensure each account is in a legitimately differently payee name as stated here by Google.

In order for us to claim Google AdSense Safe Paid Traffic - the traffic must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Compliance with Google AdSense Publisher Guidelines
  2. Receive multiple high dollar figure payments (minimum of 3 months) into a Bank Account.
  3. Traffic registers in Google Analytics.
  4. Good Site Interaction. 
  5. Normal CTR ratios for the Industry or Niche.

As you can see, anyone can slap some ads on their Site, and "hope" to earn money with Google AdSense, but it's another thing to go through the strict testing we employ at Sirius to ensure we provide our clients with quality traffic. 

Trick #3 - Consistency of Traffic

All traffic coming to your site must be kept consistent.  With the ever changing algorithms of Google, drastically fluctuating traffic can trigger flags. For example, if you suddenly have a spike in impressions up to 100k/mo from 25,000 a month in organic traffic, Google's algo's will flag the account. 

By ensuring traffic is consistent, you not only maintain stability, you maintain revenue and other important factors such as Alexa Ranking. 

Trick #4 - Content & Google Updates

Google AdSense Safe Paid Traffic is susceptible to fluctuations based on Webmaster Interaction. The ability of the Webmaster to monitor their traffic depends solely on the time and attention you give your business and website.

After Google Caffeine, and Hummingbird, Google requires Bloggers, Webmasters and SEO Mangers to have regularly updated content of a minimum of 2-3 posts per 30-day period. The importance of providing good quality unique content is HUGE.    

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After the release of Google Penguin 4.0 a few days ago, we see Google has incorporated Penguin into it's core algorithm. We see real-time rankings appear for the first time in Google History. This means real-time elimination of spammy sites. 

The important thing to remember about Google updates and the big picture is person can actually see an increase in traffic and revenues if they comply with Google Webmaster Tool Guidelines.

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