Is Google AdSense Safe

is google adsense safe

Is Google AdSense Safe

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Is Google AdSense Safe - Everyone wants to know these days. In this article, we talk about the major factors of owning a successful Google AdSense site.  However, we will tell you right now that Google AdSense is one of the safest investments you could ever make!

But why?

Google AdSense is a way to receive money for hosting advertising services and ads on your website. If you are unfamiliar with Google AdSense, you can read about them here: Google AdSense Program.

Is Google AdSense Safe - Your Investment 

If you are considering launching a website or purchasing a website and monetizing it through Google AdSense, you are about to make a sound investment decision.  As an AdSense partner, we explain to you why.

Unlike paper assets and mutual funds which are subject to the ebb and flow of the economy - Google AdSense is rock solid 'round the clock 24/7, 365 days a year and your returns rarely drop below a 40% return on investment. The beauty of owning Digital Real Estate is your money grows, and you control it vs. the banks! 

Google AdSense is particularly picky about their policies. This is because they deal with billions of dollars per year in revenue they generate from the AdSense Program. The average retail price for a website generating revenue via Google AdSense is as low as $500.00 to several millions of dollars.

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The sound stability offered by Google AdSense comes from the sheer volume and participation in the program itself. In 2015 alone, there are billions of users browsing and surfing the Internet. It is very relieving to know that Google receives 22% of its revenue from Google AdSense. This is HUGE, because in that statement, anyone who understands economics will understand the law of supply and demand. 

Google AdSense is one of the most passive investment vehicles ever!

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If you are still skeptical, you can research online the huge numbers of people that are using Google AdSense with great success! 

Is Google AdSense Safe - Your Content Matters Most

In the days between 2005, and 2012 you could scrape content from another site and place it on your own - resulting in rinse and repeat AdSense money makers! Sadly, those days are now over. Google requires multiple content updates with STRONG, AUTHORITATIVE and UNIQUE content. Posting a minimum of once a month is crucial if you want to stay in Google's good books.

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is filling your site with worthless content. These days the content must be shareable, and engaging. This allows your visitors to enjoy reading your content and share it - increasing your traffic and revenue!

Is Google AdSense Safe - Your Traffic Matters Too!

The next thing to ensure is top notch is your traffic. Google allows you to purchase traffic, and obtain traffic however you see fit, provided it complies with their Program Policies. This is comforting because many people email us daily requesting safe traffic sources for AdSense. 

However, Google is also picky about traffic. Many people with large volumes of traffic must guard against malicious attempts of AdSense Account sabotage. Any webmaster receiving over 90,000 unique visitors a month needs to have a premium click-fraud monitor installed to ensure they are protected. Here at Sirius, we have premium custom coded click-fraud protection installed on all of our sites.

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Another important step in managing an AdSense investment is to ensure you are compliant with the program policies of the traffic companies. For example, some traffic companies do not permit pop-up windows, and neither does AdSense. This is because at times, false impressions can occur.

Is Google AdSense Safe - Your Website Link Structure

If you have a poor backlink profile, Google may penalize you, or disable your account. When managing an AdSense website, you need to ensure your backlinks are obtained through legitimate methods. You are welcome to hire an SEO expert, but we suggest asking them these questions:

  1. Do you have any sites you run AdSense on to show me?
  2. Give me an example of what keywords YOU'RE ranking for in Google.
  3. Do you manually build your links?
  4. Do you have any Google certifications?
Is Google AdSense Safe - 3 BIG SECRETS!
  1. Great Content
  2. Good Quality Traffic
  3. Consistent Posting of Content and Social Media Presence

Here at Sirius, we are constantly evolving our knowledge-base and education to ensure our clients receive the best possible customer service. As Certified Google Partners, we have direct access to Google resources to ensure the advice we provide is accurate and up-to-date!

This article serves to educate you about the HUGE OPPORTUNITY of making HUGE money AdSense. Google AdSense continues to be a very safe and stable means to earn an income online, you just need to play by the rules!

If you want to know more, be sure to check out our resources page and education pages!

Here's to your Success!

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