Google AdSense Success

google adsense success

Google AdSense Success

We're writing this article today to debunk the myths about Google AdSense Success. The fact is, many people are earning millions a year from Google AdSense. Google pays out billions per year in Publisher revenues - So why not cash in on this money maker? We're going to guide you in this article to make it easier for you! The Internet is FULL of opportunities to make money.

Become a Google AdSense Success Story!

We are going to start by explaining the proper mindset of making money online. The most important thing you will need to get started is DESIRE and PASSION.

Desire is the driving force of the entire Universe.

If you lack the desire to make money online quit now. It will be hardly worth your while to carry out these instructions contained in this article. Sirius Design Group commits to teaching you the proper mindset, however, you need to be aware that simply reading these principals serve little use.

Google AdSense Success - Micro Niche Sites

In 2017, at the time of writing, micro niche sites are alive and well.

You must choose a topic that you have a passion for. For example, if you dislike Golf, but like River Rafting, then choose River Rafting. It's very simple to attain success when you have a passion for the niche.  For keyword research, we always prefer

Next, you will need to choose a niche that is popular with the United States and the United Kingdom. The reason for this is Google assigns a higher CPC value to these countries.

Because, in our case, with a legal site, our CPC was $2.50 per click! At the end of day five, we'd earned an average of $175/day. This is great considering the minimal start-up cost and time requirements. 

Google AdSense Success - Quality Content

Google requires quality content on websites. Gone are the days of scraping content from Ezine Articles. This is because people today are looking for quality, informative, and unique reading.  We recommend hiring a content writer to assist you in buffing up your content. Before you apply to AdSense, you will need a minimum of 15 (x600 word) articles on your website, including a contact us page, about us page, privacy policy, and terms of service pages.

Google AdSense Success  - AdSense Safe Traffic

You will always want to ensure traffic coming to your website is safe for Google AdSense. This is because Google is very picky with the type of traffic they allow for their AdSense Publisher Program. Sirius Design Group employs AdSense Safe Traffic that has undergone extensive testing and performance to ensure the traffic we recommend is both safe for AdSense, but also good for conversions.

Here is a list of AdSense Safe Traffic Providers

  1. YouTube Traffic
  2. Facebook Ads Traffic
  3. BuySellAds Traffic
  4. Taboola Traffic

Because we utilize this traffic ourselves, we can reliably comment on the safety and stability of the above traffic sources. Most of all, ensure your traffic providers can give you an accurate description of the type of traffic they utilize. 

Google AdSense Success - Social Media Traction

Social media traffic is huge. You will want to create a separate page for social media traffic, including a Facebook Fan Page, or at a bare minimum, a Twitter fan page. People like a combination of image and written content, so be sure to include images and memes with your written content.

Google AdSense Success - In Conclusion

Here is a great example of building a million-dollar per year. If you have any glitches, you can be rest assured to start again and succeed. There are also many other ways to earn money online passively, another method is Content.Ad, which performs extremely well using targeted traffic. 

The biggest thing we can stress to you is to MAKE SURE YOU HAVE QUALITY and UNIQUE CONTENT - This will carry you a lot further than you can imagine! 

Always focus on giving value!

To Your Success!
Sirius Design Group Founders

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