Google DeepMind

google deepmind
Google DeepMind

Probably something you haven't heard of yet. Google DeepMind is the main artificial intelligence initiative at Google HQ. DeepMind Technologies is actually a British Intelligence company founded in 2010. However, Google acquired the company in 2014 long after significant advancements in the company occurred within the 4-short years. 

Google DeepMind is turing test positive. The computer is self-aware and Google uses this technology to their advantage to develop apps - most importantly "Streams" which is a medical application.  This application is currently under legal investigation in the United Kingdom due to alleged privacy violations concerning medical records. Medical records contain very private information, particularly if a patient received an Abortion to if they have HIV. 

Huge Implications

There are huge implications that will reach far into the future if this is handled poorly. However, the biggest implications will be in the areas of Health and Technology.  The health sector will see the absolute almost hermetic sealing and integration of technology more than it already has. The technology sector will continue to see huge advancements in portability, telecommunication, work/time-freedom, and most importantly changes to personal freedoms.

What does this mean for the rest of us?

Google DeepMind receives a majority of it's information from Google RankBrain which is the primary Internet Intelligence algorithm. But, at Sirius Design Group, we are seeing the two working together in tandem to collect information.

The information collected comes from a variety of ways. Everything from credit cards, spending habits, every time you click the "Accept" or "Submit" button, you are being monitored. However pleasant it may seem to some, it seems very Orwellian to others. On the other hand, some may welcome this technology revolution because of convenience. Above all else, people need to be aware that tracking and monitoring at every turn of the corner is happening.  This means changes to personal freedoms, and personal liberties. This means the average person will be faced with continued "I accept" buttons, longer privacy policies, terms of services, and questions like "Would you like to subscribe?" 

Big Brother and Biggest Brother 

Sirius Design Group recently attended several professional development seminars this month - May 2017.  We learned a lot about Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century and the use of advanced Heuristics concerning Digital Marketing. Google, Apple, IBM, HP, Canon, Android, and all of the big hitters work together. However fun that sounds, the biggest changes are coming to those who employ deceptive and spammy practices.  "Black-Hatters" will find themselves continually struggling to "game the system" and will fail. At Sirius, we only use "White-Hat" Methods, this is to ensure all of our clients (and personal portfolio of Digital Real Estate) stands the test of time. Furthermore, Google is definitely becoming the biggest brother on the block - sharing information with the CIA, MI5, and other Intelligence entities. If you are law abiding, this should be fine for you. 

Big Brother Reduces Cyber-Crime

Moreover, as more people start making money online through Advertising, YouTube, Marketing, and Sales - naturally Cyber Crime increases. Many Internet Entrepreneur's are jumping on the cyber-crime prevention bandwagon. Of Course, Sirius Design Group is one of them. We utilize for all of our transactions which virtually eliminates any possible threat of Buyer/Seller Fraud and Cyber-Crimes.  Prospective buyers take peace of mind knowing their hard-earned investment dollars are safe. Keep those investment dollars safe by investing wisely. Moreover, never deal with a company who is unwilling to use a third party service such as

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