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Google Rank Brain

Google RankBrain: What Is It - And How Will it Affect SEO?

Google uses a machine-learning artificial intelligence computer to govern and it's associated programs such as the AdSense Publisher Program, and Google Analytics. At Sirius, having experience and resources in the Silicon Valley California, we are always made aware of the latest advances and technology which affect us and our clients. 

What is RankBrain?

Google RankBrain is the name for the Artificial Intelligence machine that is used to help Google process search results, scan publisher accounts within the AdSense program, and has been confirmed to us by Google.

What is Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence machine learning is where a computer can learn itself, without being taught via code. This opens the door to a whole host of both positive and negative aspects for humanity.

Does this mean RankBrain is 100% Responsible for SEO?

In short, No. However, it impacts it greatly because as the Internet is used more and more, in addition to population growth, AI or Artificial Intelligence will begin to take over. Currently, when this article was written (August 5, 2016) RankBrain is used extensively for and to monitor AdSense publisher accounts against click-fraud, and invalid activity.

What does this mean for me as an Internet Entrepreneur

As we saw in 2013, Google slapped many affiliate marketers with spammy websites with their Algorithm updates.  Currently in 2016, Google places a very strong emphasis on content and trust flow of a given domain.  Trust flow is the type of links coming to that domain, and the type of links going out.  Content is huge because RankBrain detects the tone of voice and compares that against how a real human being would speak.  Therefore, the days of article spinners are over!

What does this mean for Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

In 2016, there are over 200 variables for effectively ranking in Google for keywords.  The chart below details a lot of them, and we at Sirius, are very familiar with the workings of Google RankBrain and the SEO puzzle due to our resources available in the tech community. Google RankBrain means that care and consideration must be taken when starting an online business, because doing it slap-dash like in the Google Sniper Days - will lead to failure. Making money online is not a "get rich quick scheme" and people must be aware that Google knows this, and will penalize those accordingly. As we said in our article on Organic Traffic - anyone who relies solely on organic traffic for their passive income business, is taking a big risk.

Therefore, we constantly strive to evolve ourselves, and our knowledge to better serve our clients.

A Review of the chart below will demonstrate the magnitude of correct SEO

Almost like we knew what we were doing right??

Google RankBrain SEO Factors

Chart Compliments of our Partner Third Door Media

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