How to Earn Passive Income Online

how to earn passive income online

Do you suffer from an unsatisfying job? Tired of having to beg to your boss for vacation days? Well you're obviously reading this article because you're wanting to know how to earn passive income online.  This article aims to shed some light on the common misconceptions out there about passive income, more specifically generating an income passively online.

Passive income simply put, is the ability to earn money while you sleep!

Passive income comes in many different forms, from Investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and rental property to online-based passive income streams such as affiliate marketing, selling e-books, and e-commerce stores.

There are only 3 ways of Earning Money

All of the truly rich and wealthy people know these methods, as we will see, some are more effective than others. After reading this article, it will be up to you which method you decide to employ to secure financial freedom for yourself, and your loved ones.

They are divided into the following

M1 - 96% of the population

M2 - 3% of the population

M3 - 1% of the population

Money 1 is used by 96% of the population and they earn 1% of the all the money being earned. This involves trading your time for money such as a 9-5 job, even Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers are trading their time (and service) for money. For example, even a plastic surgeon earning $950,000 USD in some practices can STILL only earn so much money because they can only perform so many surgeries per day / per week / per month, so this method is totally flawed because of the time saturation effect, yet this is the method that the public school system and society teaches. "Get a good education, get into debt, get a good job and spend the rest of your life paying it off" is the mentality of this money earning strategy.  Sounds fun right????

Money 2 is used by 3% of the population and is much better than M1, but it too has problems. It deals specifically with investing, as mentioned above, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Forex, etc. The potential of this strategy is HUGE because you can invest and earn a decent ROI, sometimes over $1000.00 in 1 day!

HOWEVER, the problem here is that many people from the M1 category have what's called a POOR MONEY BLUEPRINT, so they take some capital or granny's inheritance and plunk it down into Stocks, Forex, or an unskilled Mutual Fund Broker that gives them a very poor return and they end up either losing, or having an extremely poor return on investment. Then they give up, and fall back into the M1 category frequently with MORE debt then they started with. Do you want to make this mistake? 

Money 3 is used by 1% of the population and this select few earn 96% of all the money currently being earned on the ENTIRE PLANET. This strategy involves leveraging your time, and the efforts of others to generate a passive income vehicle. Examples include Multi-Level Marketing schemes, Starting up a Business, Being an Entrepreneur, and Generating a Passive Income Online. This method is the one the truly wealthy and rich understand, because it eliminates the following from the equation of money earning: Time Saturation and Investment Failure. By leveraging the time and efforts of others, we are able to create more freedom for ourselves and improve our overall quality of life and the lives of others around us. For as we will see, the more money you have, the greater you can give back to your loved ones and your community.

How to Earn Passive Income Online - eBook Sales

Sell an eBook. There are many ways to design and sell an eBook, for example, choose a topic you are passionate about and commit to writing 1 page a day for 30 days or 40 days, then after 40 days you’ll have 40 pages, fantastic because most eBooks range between 30-80 pages!

Then, with our help, we will help you design a site to sell it on, or get you approved to sell it on whereby every time someone buys your book you get paid!

How to Earn Passive Income Online - Sell your Skills

Do you have a valuable skill to sell? Are you a retired teacher, coach, doctor, lawyer, etc? You can design a membership website and sell your services! For example, if you are a chef and currently unemployed you can design a recipe book then market it online. We know of a couple people who earn $40,000 per week selling their hot products online such as Paleo Recipes etc.

How to Earn Passive Income Online - Affiliate and eCommerce Sales

Create and design a product or service and have affiliates promote it for you! Ever wondered how these fitness gurus make a living? Well we do! Because we helped them get there! You start doing market research to find out if there is a problem in your market, for example weight loss, then you design a product and sell it through or and people will buy your products while you sleep!

Let us be very clear here, generating a passive income requires EFFORT. You will need to put the legwork in first to get it launched, but once it’s launched all you need to do is market it and the money will come rolling in!

If you’re looking for how to earn passive income online, we hope we inspired you with this article. If you want more passive income strategies or want to invest into digital real estate that's actively generating passive income, check out Our Services and Our Pricing pages to secure your financial freedom today!

Here's to Your Success!
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