Passive Income Opportunities – Which One is Right?

passive income opportunities
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What Options Are Right For Me?

The Passive income opportunities available in 2017 are HUGE. Earn money while you sleep! However, you do not need to be a millionaire to get started. Income from rental properties, online real estate, limited partnerships or other enterprises that the investors are hands-free of. 

If you're interested in generating passive income, you'll appreciate this quick guide that we've put together. We are going to share the benefits of choosing passive income opportunities, and give you 5 ideas to get you started with some easy passive income opportunities. 

The Key Benefits of Passive Income Opportunities

When you invest in rental properties, online real estate, limited partnerships or other enterprises, you'll find that asset value won't go down to zero over the short term. Also, when you choose this form of investment, net income will be derived from renting an asset. You'll be able to anticipate receiving a set amount of money each month, which will help you to recover the investment that you've made.

Investment genius, Warren Buffet, believes that passive income opportunities are extremely stable, as long as investors are able to recover their investments via rental income. This means holding onto the investment over the long term. Once the investment is recovered, Buffet feels that return on investment is generally significant.

Obtain a Faster Return on Investment

In terms of how to access Return on Investment, it's all about capital gains. A capital gain is a boost in the price of an asset (real estate). The price of an asset will be impacted, for better or worse, by supply and demand. Real estate assets which are close to public transit systems tend to go up in price, sometimes dramatically, so they are good passive income opportunities. As well, choosing a real estate asset which is close to a city that is experiencing population growth is a smart investment strategy, as these types of assets tend to go up in price.

With online real estate, it's about desirable domains and websites which are very popular. They offer great passive income-generating potential! A domain may be sold once it's value has risen. A website may be sold, too.

You may acquire an income-generating asset by utilizing debt instruments. This means that you will need to come up with only a small portion of the asset price. The price of the debt that you take on may be secures via the asset's income!

Passive Income Opportunities - You Get To Keep More!

Now, let's talk taxes. Passive income is taxable in the majority of instances. However, there is a loophole across most countries - particularly the United States and Canada. If income which is derived from the asset that is being utilized in order to service a debt, then the income from the asset will not be taxed.

In terms of drawbacks, digital real estate requires a bit of "fixing up" just like physical real estate. In addition, the occupant or occupants will need to pay their rent. This is why finding the opportunity that matches your personality is so vital. 

Here at Sirius, we think that online real estate is a great way to avoid the drawbacks and get all of the benefits. 

A final benefit of passive income opportunities is that they help investors to diversify.

Diversification in a passive income portfolio will typically lower risk substantially.

Passive Income Opportunities - 5 Ideas Guaranteed To Succeed!
  1. Start a Blog - Blogs can generate a huge portion of passive income very quickly and the more passionate a person is about the topic, the more they want to write.
  2. Write and Publish an e-Book - Writing an e-book and selling it can be a very lucrative passive income stream requiring very little capital. 
  3. Create an Online Course - Do you have a valuable skill? Are you a photographer skilled in lighting? A contractor skilled with building? People will pay you for your knowledge!
  4. YouTube Tutorial Videos - Do you have a really cool way to presenting something? Are you patient and a good speaker? YouTube is a great place to get started for that Make up DIY lesson!
  5. ATM Vendor - Did you know...that it is possible to purchase an ATM machine, fill it with cash, and then plop it in a high traffic area such as a shopping mall or a nightclub? 

Moreover, there is no shortage of money making opportunities in the world today. Sirius Design Group specializes in Digital Real Estate and Intellectual Property Monetization, but we also have various offline endeavors in the works as well that pop those passive dollars right into our bank account each month!

We hope you found these ones useful ideas to start with!

Passive Income Opportunities - Why Sirius Design Group?

At Sirius Design Group, we source out the most promising passive income investment opportunities. We do this in a variety of ways, Digital Real Estate, Intellectual Property, e-Commerce etc. Then we share these valuable opportunities with our clients. 

We specialize in helping clients to invest in online real estate, rather than bricks-and-mortar opportunities. When you choose us, we'll help you to access fantastic profits from niche flipping, domain development and a host of other lucrative passive income opportunities.

Online real estate is extremely valuable, just like real estate in the real world; and we make it easy for our clients to get started with passive income opportunities. To find out more, connect with our experienced team today.

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