Passive Income Streams

passive income streams

What are Passive Income Streams

You may have heard the term passive income tossed around these days. As the world becomes more topsy turvy more and more people are seeking ways to create more freedom for themselves, and build a better lifestyle that will sustain them and their families. But you may be stuck on what passive income streams are the best fit for you and how would you even start?

Well, to start with, Financial Freedom or Financial Independence is generally the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live and meet ones needs without having to work for basic necessities such as rent, food, clothes, shelter. Financial Independence is when their assets are greater than their expenses, which eliminates the need to rely on anyone else for money. 

For centuries the financial elite have used passive income, and leveraging the efforts of others to build a lifestyle which matches the above definition.  Passive income streams enable a person to do exactly that, and here at Sirius Design Group, we've been doing that since 2012 in the online space, and since 2011 in the offline space. 
Passive Income Streams - Ideas 
In 2016, the date this article was written, we are very blessed to live in this era because there is a wide range of passive income investment streams available that weren't in say 1915 or 1916. For example, back then, the Internet was not created, whereas today, in 2016 thanks to the Internet more and more people are deciding to work from home through a variety of online based endeavors. Internet based Passive income streams often require minimal capital expenditure, are easily managed and outsourced, and provide much higher returns than say stocks at 3% per year for example.
  1. Sell an e-Book
  2. Market a Product
  3. Market a Service - systemize by outsourcing to countries such as India and the Philippines.
  4. YouTube as a Content Partner - Music, DIY, Crafts, Arts, Entertainment.
  5. Design Develop and Monetize a Domain or Blog
  6. Stocks and Dividends
  7. Advertising and Sales Revenue Passive Income Streams
Passive Income Streams - Methods

At Sirius Design Group, we offer a wide variety of methods and services to assist you in building your financial future through passive income streams, ranging from Domain monetization, Smartphone Application Development, Branding,Marketing and Advertising Revenues. The methods are really irrelevant so much as what fits your learning style, work ethic, ambitions and passions. When you follow your bliss - The Universe will open doors where there were only walls. 

Passive Income Streams - Implementation

A basic grounding of the Internet and how to turn a computer on and navigate will of course be beneficial, but anyone of any age can learn and apply the knowledge taught by us at Sirius Design Group. Implementation will require persistence. We've found the most successful are the ones who remain persistent. There is simply ZERO substitute for persistence in life, and by persisting in your learning, growth and development you will always always always get what you want. 

A great way to start a passive income venture is build a website around your passions. Write 3 things you are passionate about, then narrow it down to one and build a domain around that. You will need a minimum amount of content on the site, typically ten 500 word written unique articles; once you've done that, you will be ready to commence traffic and implementation of an affiliate product, ebook, or advertising company such as the Google AdSense Publisher Program. At Sirius Design Group we are extremely grateful to be able to offer you a systemized way of doing this, with most of our clients averaging between 4 to 8-hrs per 7 day week. When compared to a 40, 60 or even 85-hour work-week, does 8 hrs sound appealing to you? We should hope so! What about an 82% return on your investment in the first 12-days of starting your new online business with us? Just last month in March 2016, one of our new clients averaged an 82% return on his direct expenses within the first 12-days! 

This article might seem like a sell, but it's actually not because we've provided you with valuable ideas and some secret get started tips that many people don't know. For example, we can guarantee you that Joe Public has no idea they have the potential to earn $50 to $800 a day with an online website, let alone $40,000 a month, or even $40,000 a week through online passive income streams! (the latter is through selling basic graphic t-shirts by the way)

The main thing is changing your mindset from "I Can't" to "I Can, and I Will." If you develop a willingness to embrace success, and then back your passions with perseverance, you will succeed in any passive income endeavor you embark on! We can promise you that.  Why? Because we've done it ourselves!

To Your Success!
Sirius Design Group Founder

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