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start an online business

Want to Start An Online Business in 2016 and Beyond?

If you’re thinking over the concept of starting an online business, you’re certainly not alone. Owning this type of business is many people’s dream and it’s one that a lot of people turn into reality including ourselves.

If you’re willing to work hard and you’re ready to learn the ins and outs of operating an online business, you’re a good candidate for this type of venture.

Drive, determination, and passion will be required, especially at the outset, when you’re out there online, building your brand. If your online business becomes successful, you’ll begin to reap the rewards. You’ll make enough money to outsource any tasks that you can’t automate and you’ll be able to enjoy an easier, more independent lifestyle working less than 6-8hrs for an entire week!

However, you’ll always need to keep learning and evolving as an Entrepreneur. Things change fast online and you’ll need to stay abreast of trends in order to stay competitive. Your income will online grow, as you grow!

Starting an online business makes perfect sense from a financial standpoint, especially in a rocky economy these days. The average investor in mutual funds must invest $250,000 to yield a passive income of a measly $500 bucks a month.  But for us, at Sirius, we've learned the deep secrets to actually making money online, and to start an online business - then run it effectively.  Sometimes we've achieved a 350% ROI using diverse advertising methods we've spent years and years fine-tuning.

Here’s why…

Online Business is Really Booming

In 2015, people spent more than three hundred billion dollars online. The numbers keep going up every year. These days, more than 52 percent of people choose to buy online via their smartphones or other mobile electronic devices. Mobile marketing is incredibly successful these days and it’s just one more reason to get your piece of the Internet pie. Now is the time, quit delaying, quit stalling, quit procrastinating.  The world is full of procrastinators.

Today, we’re going to talk to you about the types of opportunities that are out there. We’ll touch on the most common online business gambits, with a mind to educating you about the possibilities.

Starting Your Own Website – If you want to build a website from scratch, you may do so by purchasing a preferred domain name, choosing a website design (buy a template or pay for custom Web design) and arranging hosting of your website. Companies such as offer one-stop service for most facets of starting a website, but then how would you learn how to drive the traffic, and actually receive conversions??? You see, literally, ANYONE can build a WordPress website these days, but can they do that, AND generate $3000/mo in profits each and every month? We think read on if you want to know why trying to do it yourself typically results in failure.  Considering the opportunity to start an online business requires some thought, dedication, and the ability to have self-discipline - the days of turning in 8hrs of time and being paid for 8-hrs of work are over!

Others sell goods and/or services via their websites. Another option is providing content which is accessible to customers via a membership format. You’ll earn money from subscriptions with this business model.

You may do affiliate marketing via your website or even via a free blog. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other company’s goods and services by posting links to products and services at your website or blog. When a visitor clicks on your links and buys, you’ll earn a commission. offers a popular affiliate program and so do most other major online retailers, we teach our clients exactly how to do this in our exclusive member's training portal.

Buying an Existing Website - Some entrepreneurs prefer to buy websites which are already established, and many of our clients just getting started come to us with flexible budgets. They review these types of investment opportunities with excitement because having something already established means an easier go and a turn-key opportunity. There are online platforms where people buy or sell websites. You may buy them at, and other comparable marketplaces.

When you are checking out options, you should pay attention not just to the numbers, but also be aware that organic traffic is actually considered a huge issue these days because one update from Google and your whole operation could go up in smoke.  Poof! Just like that. 

The secret we promised you is this - In 2016, there were over $10-billion dollars worth of Digital Real Estate transacted across the globe.  This is a very very lucrative industry, and when you choose to do business with Sirius Design Group, you are more than just a number, you are joining a movement that empowers people to be self-reliant.

Traffic does matter a lot, as does the revenue data and the lifespan of the website - typically we recommend a minimum of 2 months for a starter site, and for our platinum elite clients, we offer a minimum of a 2-year established history. As always, you’ll need to determine whether a website offers growth potential or enough current profits to suit your needs.

Investing in an Online Business – It’s also possible to buy a percentage of an existing business. For example, if a website owner is looking for a partner, which we call a joint venture you might buy in and then share the responsibilities of running the website. Often, it’s possible to invest without needing to do any work at all hence if you consider starting an online business with minimal effort due to other commitments, then you can!

Again, as with buying a website, the key to spotting the right opportunities is research.

Start an Online Business - Research Your Purpose!

If you like working remotely, wherever you have access to the Internet, you will find that running an online business is very fulfilling. As well, if you’d like to get out of the rat race (or cube farm!), you may find that going it alone as an Internet Entrepreneur is the fastest way to move away from your day job.

There are so many ways to learn about Internet e-commerce, SEO, online marketing and other important facets of making an online business successful. When you educate yourself before you buy or invest, you’ll empower yourself as a businessperson which is our mission - we desire to inspire.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, we hope you have a better sense of what being an Internet Entrepreneur is all about. Whether you plan to start an online business shortly with us or in the future, you’ll find that checking out the opportunities that we’ve talked about today is the secret to formulating a business plan. If you think, after checking out this article that we can help you, be sure to read over our services and pricing plans for more information.

All the Best in your Journey to Freedom!

Remember that...

Power is Released by Freedom from Poverty



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