What Is Digital Real Estate?

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You're here because you're wondering - What is Digital Real Estate?

Simply put, digital real estate is virtual property in many different forms (just as with physical real estate, such as houses and office buildings), and it can vary widely in terms of value and structure. 

Unlike a house, the appreciation value often quintuples over time, even in as short of a period as one year!   

Imagine owning a home you live in that pays you money? Well with Digital Real Estate that's possible. No more need to find "good renters" for your home, because now your renters (your traffic) pay you!

In order to help you understand what the most common forms of digital real estate are, and how people invest and profit from digital real estate, we’ve created a comprehensive explanation here.

Digital Real Estate Niche Flipping

Those who wish to answer the question, what is digital real estate? often point to domains in order to explain things. So, let’s talk about what domains are and how they function as pieces of digital real estate. Domains are websites you visit on a daily basis, everyday there are BILLIONS of users surfing the Internet from around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

When people use the term “domain”, they’re typically talking about a domain name, which is a string of characters which designate a website’s location online. For example, Apple.com is a domain which is definitely an impressive piece of digital real estate, since it’s the virtual home of the blue-chip electronics and multimedia company (which produces electronic and technological goods to people around the entire planet, including the iPhone).

These domains such as "Apple.com, Google.com, Mashable.com" are all domains that have visitors coming to them through a variety of ways. Domains can be monetized through a variety of methods that we will teach you. 

The term "niche flipping" is used because typically, we take a "junk" domain that no one wants anymore in a specific "niche" such as Pest Control or Fitness as examples, we then "fix it up" monetize it and profit from it. We effectively turn someone else's unwanted and dumped domain into a gold mine. In the 21st century, there are so many ways to make money and asking yourself What is Digital Real Estate is beginning by asking the right question!

Investing Methods

What is Digital Real Estate and how do I get started? People invest in domain names just as they’d invest in actual bricks-and-mortar real estate. In other words, they buy something that they know will increase in value (or be desired by a specific type of client, who will pay more than the initial buyer did in order to own it!), and then they can either “flip” the domain when the time is right, or hold onto it and continue profiting from it.

Again, as with “real world” real estate deals, speculating on the value on physical property has always been a gamble, and in today's economy, Physical Real Estate Investing can be a huge losing venture. Unlike physical real estate, digital real estate requires very little overhead to effectively run the business often attaining a gross margin of 80-85%.

 So if a person wants to invest into the 21st century through technology, something that will stand the test of the time, the best way they can do that is through Digital Real Estate. 

What is Digital Real Estate Worth?

When investing in domain names, it’s important to research which types of domain names tend to get flipped for big dollars. One hard-and-fast rule is that domain names with the very-familiar (dot.com) extensions tend to be the most desirable. Those with .org or .net, etc., are considered second choices for most people. Dot.com domains are comfortable for consumers and this is what drives the prices of these types of domain names higher!

This is something to consider when pondering the question, “What is (domain-based) digital real estate worth?”. However, .com extensions definitely aren’t the only investment opportunity in this gold vein…because we've monetized sites via AdSense that generate $400.00 dollar days! It all depends on the techniques involved.  Some Clickbank and Amazon Affiliate sites bring us in anywhere from 300 dollars - 700 dollars PER DAY! If you're still questioning if you need to get busy and invest into Digital Real Estate - You've got problems!

Selling Digital Real Estate ranges anywhere from a Couple Hundred Dollars right up to into the double digit Billions! (Google Buys Facebook For $25B)

In terms of the more creative part of a domain name (such as the “Apple” in Apple.com), it’s all about predicting what people will want to buy. To cite an example, recently, young singer Taylor Swift bought up domain names which included her own name and .porn and .adult gTLDs.

gTLDs are a new crop of domain extensions which may be purchased before they are actually usable online. In almost all cases, these “custom” extensions, which have a novelty value and a rarity value, are very pricey indeed. Swift’s goal was surely to keep others from opening adult websites which might feature photo-shopped (i.e. fake), pornographic images of her.

Those who sold these domains to Swift profited (greatly!) and, while they aren’t the most ethical examples, they do illustrate the way that “flippers” can capitalize on domain names - Methods of which we will teach you how to do the same! It’s just about anticipating what will be in demand, offer a good product, content or a solution, and the money will come rolling in - As we will prove to you!

More Examples

Additional examples of digital real estate include Smartphone App design, e-books, e-commerce websites, Digital Clothing, Virtual Property, Software Design etc. With app design and e-books, intellectual property is sold online, for a set free. For example, an app or e-book will be downloaded if someone wants to use it or read it.

While these forms of intellectual property can sometimes be pirated, (which adds more risk from an investor’s standpoint), they are quite often practical and clever ways to invest in digital real estate. Profits derived from this form of digital real estate may come from re-selling later on (niche flipping) or from sales/royalties.

As you can see, answering the question, What is digital real estate? requires a comprehensive glimpse into the different forms because there is way more to it than just domains...


E-commerce is another type of digital real estate. E-commerce typically consists of virtual storefronts, where visitors may buy goods or services which are then delivered to them digitally or in the “real world”. Slightly confusingly, perhaps, it’s actually possible to sell app designs and e-books via e-commerce websites! This means that two forms of digital real estate are in play at one online location. Many different business models and possibilities are out there!

When a virtual storefront (or a template for virtual storefront design) gains traction with consumers aka visitors/traffic, it becomes more valuable. At this point, the owner of the e-commerce website (or the creator of an e-commerce web design template, or what have you) may want to entertain offers from prospective buyers…or put his or her piece of digital real estate on the market.

In the end, unless royalties or other types of sales figures are very high, e-commerce becomes a flipping process, too. People who own e-commerce digital real estate wish to sell it for a profit before their own royalties or sales begin to dwindle. Once they’ve flipped it, they may pocket the proceeds or move on to another opportunity…such as investing into MORE digital real estate property.

We specialize in "Niche Flipping" and Domain Monetization, turning junk Domains and Digital Property into treasure!  Through a variety of methods, we specialize in creating Passive Income by leveraging the Internet and other 21st Century Technology.  

If you’re interested in learning more and are wondering how can I get started, consider visiting our services page below where we can give you more clarity about what we can help you with.

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