What is Retargeting

what is retargeting
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Remarketing or Retargeting? 

Retargeting and Remarketing is huge. Google calls Retargeting (Remarketing) but we call it Retargeting. Moreover, it's essential to improving your revenues, and despite gaining popularity, many Internet Marketers are unfamiliar with it, how it works and why they should use it.

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting simply put is implementing ad serving changes based solely on prior user engagement. There are 3 different types of remarketing. Furthermore, it's important to understand all of the types so you can identify them and implement them. First, we have search retargeting, second email retargeting and third CPM retargeting. Moreover, you must understand all are equally important.

What Is Retargeting - Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Retargeting is superior to Run of Network display marketing because there is significantly higher click through rates. Search Engine Retargeting is precision based marketing that relies on recent engagements. There is frequently 85%-100% engagement and certainty when promoting products. This explains why AdWords advertisers often pay out hundreds of dollars for certain keywords, particularly in the Legal Niche. Moreover, search retargeting is very high in the sales funnel. You target buyers who want what you sell, but are unfamiliar with your brand.

What Is Retargeting - Email Marketing Cornerstones

77% of buyers prefer to receive promotional material via email than display advertising. Email marketing is a cornerstone to any Internet Entrepreneur's toolkit. Email Retargeting works exactly the same way as traditional methods. This involves placing a line of code into the email, and anyone who opens your email will receive ads anywhere they browse on the Internet! 

What Is Retargeting - CRM Retargeting

CRM Retargeting works great for database marketers. It is an extremely powerful tool to complement direct mail and email marketing campaigns. The most obvious example here are catalogs. A recent study showed that 77% do browse catalogs, but 41% usually do not purchase from them. Catalogs are good to increase brand recognition, and introduce customers to new products, but are poor for direct responses. The practice of CRM Retargeting means serving ads to those who recently engaged your catalog. This works very well to facilitate higher engagements and purchase rates.  

A quick note however, never blast your customer with repeated catalogs. For example, if you own a digital clothing store, only send out catalogs that coincide with each season change! 


Retargeting must be employed strategically in order to achieve the best result. Certain niches work better than others depending on the strategy. Study the feature image of this article in order to better comprehend how to implement each strategy into the 3 different methods to retargeting. You may need to A/B Split test your strategy over a period of weeks or months to fully analyze the effect on your Return on Investment.