Why is Content So Important

why is content so important
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Why is content so important? Changing demographics, diversity, new technology and huge media consumption changes how consumers obtain information. You may hear of "content marketing" and "re-marketing" but are unsure what it is. Or maybe why it's so important.  This article explains why content is so important, and why Sirius Design Group believes content will always be king!

Why is Content So Important: Hungry for Knowledge in a Digital Era

As an Internet Entrepreneur, you may struggle with learning how to speak effectively with today's consumers. Before we dive in, we need to explain more about what content marketing is, and why content is so important in 2018 and wayyyyyyyyy beyond that. 

Why is Content So Important: A Specific Definition

The Content Marketing Institute offers the following definition of content marketing:

…a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

First of all, content marketing is about providing good information to your audience in a language they clearly understand. Secondly, good content is a phenomenal marketing strategy that works across all niches. 

One must ensure they are strategic about posting their content. It is important not to post content willy-nilly all over their website, and social media feeds. You must have a clear directive and sense of direction for accomplishment of a goal. 

Second, your content must benefit your readers. You need a clearly defined audience. What are their needs? You must go beyond demographics. What are their pain points? Their needs? Does your content grab their attention?

Third, your content must be relevant, consistently posted, and easy to read. People need to come away from your website feeling like they learned something! 

Why is Content So Important: Consumer and Customer Action

Good content, particularly with content based websites drive profitable consumer action. Moreover, being in the 21st Century makes no difference to people's psychology. Everyone wants to do business with people and organizations who understand "people like me."

They trust recommendations from others. Content marketing gives you the opportunity to earn strong credibility in a fast way while demonstrating your knowledge in a particular area.  

Why is Content So Important: Decision Making

People love sifting through knowledge that helps them arrive at a good decision that benefits them and their immediate family and friends.  Content marketing is a great way to help people make better decisions. 

A Roper Survey of business decision makers found that 80% prefer to get information about a prospective purchase from articles instead of advertising. The same survey found that 70% say content makes them feel closer to the sponsoring company and 60% say content helps them make better buying decisions.

Why is Content So Important: Google and Search Engines

Sometimes the best way to make a buck online is being there when your target audience searches for something. In fact, due to the inclining trends of online shopping, sales should only increase for you in the coming months and years. 

Writing high quality content ensures the search engines pick up your content and display it in a prominent position in the SERP results!

Google’s updates in recent years increasingly reward quality and punish low quality. And what does quality mean for Google? For one thing, up-to-date content is rewarded. So publishing fresh articles, and updating your existing content, will help you maintain a strong showing on search engine results pages (SERPs) and keep people coming back to your site.

Why is Content So Important: Implementation

After the above said information. Now what? Now comes the implementation portion. The fun part. There is a simple four step process outlined below.

  1. Research and Planning - Research and plan your content posting, start with keyword research in your target market. If you need a hand, we offer access to our proprietary keyword research methods here. 
  2. Content Writing - Always find content writers that can write in the language of the demographic you are targeting. This might sound simple, but it's often overlooked.
  3. Consistency - Once you build a readership, ensure the content is posted on a consistent basis to avoid people dropping off, and losing interest.
  4. Monitoring and Metrics - There is ZERO point to doing any of this, if you forget about it. You must stay involved. You must monitor new posts by using custom channels in Google Analytics, and other conversion tracking setup features. 
Why is Content So Important: Conclusion

What do people want to read? What do people want to see in content these days? Bottom line, people want information. In fact, people are even willing to overlook a few problems with your website if you have great content! Moreover, if you continually post great content you will become such a strong authority that your website will begin to sell itself.

In conclusion, the featured image of this article is a fantastic infographic of what people want to see, with products and services ranking number one. Testimonials are great too. If you need help with your content writing, contact us and we can guide you in the right direction with hiring good outsourcers! 



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