our mission

Our Mission

'Inspiring The Human Spirit toward Freedom in the Digital Age'

The Human Spirit has three cardinal desires to which it seeks.

To be happy
To love and be loved
To feel connected


Happiness is a journey, not a destination. We each have our own definition of what makes us happy, but research shows that humans seem happiest when they have Freedom. Again, everyone has their own definition of what Freedom is; but it's generally accepted that people seek freedom from excessive toil, poverty and want, ill health and unsatisfied relationships.

People are the Happiest when they have Financial Security, Good Health, and Fulfilling Relationships.

To Love and be Loved

Another word for love, is actually passion. The man (or woman) who has passion creates more meaning in their life.

Everything we do is based on desire, because we all have an inherent desire to grow and create. The man who wakes up every morning at 6am, even in the pouring rain to drive 1-hr to work to earn an income for his family has passion for them, and in return, he seeks appreciation - which is to be loved. The woman who goes grocery shopping late in the afternoon before her husband and kids come home to buy the items for dinner has passion for her family, and in return she seeks appreciation - which is to be loved.

Love is denied its fullest expression by Poverty.

The man who cannot provide for his family, or the woman who barely scrapes by each month supporting their kids cannot fill their place as a Father, Mother, Spouse or Human Being in Society.

Our Society is so organized that we require the use of physical things to bring love into its fullest expression. You may have grown up with the belief that "all you need is love." and that money is "evil" when in fact, money is only the means to express love.

Try going to your local bank, walking up the bank teller, and say "I want to deposit some Love into my bank account today." Ha! You'll likely be asked by security to leave!

Here is a major example - What if your child needed a surgery that cost $500,000 and without the surgery, they would lose their life. You have no funding, no support, no medical coverage. As a broke single mom, or a low-incoming earning Dad, your love is then denied its fullest expression by your poverty.

On the other hand, imagine you're a wealthy millionaire Internet Entrepreneur who can work from anywhere. Your child needs the $500,000 surgery. You not only can pay for the surgery without blinking an eye; but you can work at the hospital cafeteria while your child is having the surgery if you want to take your mind off things.

To feel Connected

We all have a desire to feel connected, connected to our friends, family, and loved ones, and to our community with which we interact and serve. The ability to connect and feel connected means we must spend time with our friends, family, friends and loved ones given by our physical presence.

The ability to spend time with people is determined by the degree of freedom of body and health we have - which is determined by our income.  Someone who earns $60,000/yr working 40-80hrs per week has considerably less of a degree of freedom and health than someone earning $100,000/yr working less than 10hrs per week.

The person earning a higher income can give more to himself, his loved ones and back to his community.

Money is only a means to an end.

As you can see, the three core desires of Human Spirit are all interconnected.

Being a client of Sirius Design Group means you are more than just a number, you are connecting to something bigger than what's offered by the Status Quo. That's our mission - strive to go beyond the norms!

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We seek to empower men and women toward Self-Reliance.

Our desire is to inspire awareness, change and improvement through time-honored success principals by leveraging 21st century technology.

In the Digital Era, it can be very easy to lose sight of what gives meaning in our lives. 

We think the follow examples demonstrate our core value of Integrity

  • Rational clear thinking and actions intended for the highest good. 
  • Clearly defined intentions and expectations directed toward the best results. 
  • Strong intent with high degree of follow through. i.e. Ensuring we give you 100% of our attention during our training sessions. 

As it becomes obvious, you can clearly see that those examples are seamlessly related to Integrity. Which, we believe, is a long-lost moral art in todays world. 

Therefore, our mission is to inspire humanity using time-honored success principals coupled with technological proficiency and these core values:

Our Core Values

High Integrity and Professionalism 

Provide Greater Use Value Than We Receive in Cash Value.

Inspire our Clients with Time-Honored Principals of Self-Reliance.

Deliver our Absolute Best Knowledge and Service.