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Web Design & Monetization

The team here at Sirius has years of practical experience when it comes to the tech world.

We specialize in Domain Development, Branding, Intellectual Property, "Niche Flipping" and Domain Monetization.

Intellectual Property

Have an idea? Want to turn passion to profit?

With Over 5 years of experience in the Industry, Sirius very experienced with Intellectual Property, and we strive to provide our clients with exceptional results.

Branding and Marketing

We know that branding and marketing evolution is the life blood of any business!

Our "Secret Sauce" enables us to achieve astounding Returns using our proprietary methods.

Sales and eCommerce

Aside from domains we build and sell as inventory, we own and maintain 12 Domains in our personal portfolio. We know exactly how to build an online business from scratch and have it profiting in a matter of weeks.

Our Specialties

Domain Development & Monetization

Intellectual Property

Ecommerce, Branding & Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media

Superior Customer Service!

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Our Service Packages

Sirius Design Group treats Intellectual Property as sacred. Intellectual property is a Universal Human Right outlined in Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

These Universal Human rights allow inventors, creators and owners to benefit from their own work or investment in a creation. 

Our Services range from simple website design for an individual or a physical business seeking an "e-card" to improve exposure and branding, to SEO efforts, to advanced online advertising methods and social media marketing for larger corporations and restaurant chains.

Our focus is on inspiring people to become Self-Reliant, through leveraging Digital Technology. Our goals is to provide you with our Absolute Best in Knowledge and Service across all transactions, as stated in Our Mission.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients superior quality customer service because we take the time to sit down and match your exact expectations. We provide knowledge driven results in a clear, universal and easy to understand format - ensuring our clients have the tools they need to succeed making money online. 

At Sirius, we know our clients come to us with diverse goals and budgets. If after reading our Pricing Page, you have different needs, review our services pricing table below for a list of the premium services we offer.

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