What is the Youtube Adpocalypse

youtube adpocalypse

What is the Youtube Adpocalypse? 

Many of you are wondering what is going on with YouTube and the recent "adpocalypse," that is occurring as of May 2017. Many YouTubers are closing their channels - why?

Right now YouTube is undergoing an "ad-boycott" thanks to an article released in the Wall-street Journal back in March 2017. Advertisers are nervous because ad display of racist and subjective content occurred costing Google millions of dollars in lost revenue.

This forced Google to de-monetize many accounts resulting in panic, and paralysis of many YouTubers receiving monetization.

What is the Youtube Adpocalypse: De-Monetization

When Google decides to update their policies, very often users suffer more than advertisers. The advertisers and Google have vested interest to protect their investments.

The YouTube system is based on trust. This means when a YouTuber applies for monetization, Google needs to know the content is safe for all audiences. Furthermore, if a YouTuber experiences de-monetization, there is a way to obtain their account back into Good standing.  Sirius Design Group offers the only sure-way to re-establish your account back into good standing with Google. Contact us if you want to learn more about reinstating your YouTube Monetization.

What is the Youtube Adpocalypse: Censorship?

Is this an act of censorship or a massive YouTube clean up? Many conspiracy theorists report acts of censorship, but we feel Google is taking steps to clean up YouTube. 

YouTube is a search engine, and Google owns YouTube.  At times, YouTube can be a cesspool of mindless content for those looking to pass the time of day. However, to an Internet Entrepreneur, YouTube continues to be a gold mine, even for our clients during this transition phase.

What is the Youtube Adpocalypse: Re-Claim your Account!

If you want to reclaim your account from the AdWords / YouTube boycott, you will need to do the following:

  1. Determine if your content is suitable for all advertisers
  2. Clean up your content - Again we can show you how to do this!
  3. Submit a very well written appeal form
  4. Continue posting valuable copyright-free content.

You must understand that gone are the days of junk content, and bought YouTube views. The YouTube community needs quality content in order to function.

The Ecosystem of Advertiser/Publisher is based on trust and at the end of the day; the Advertiser is the one who calls the shots. Why? Because THEY PAY Google! Moreover, the biggest thing you can do is ensure you have quality content for your channel.

Sirius Design Group averages a high success rate with Google appeals for 2 main reasons. First, we are well connected in the Silicon Valley, and Secondly, we know what works to reclaim Google Accounts.

Remember - never quit or give up at the first sign of difficulty - Keep on going!  

See you at the Finish Line!
William and Eva