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google adsense safe paid traffic

Would you like to have an AdSense account like this every month? We love waking up every morning to these kind of numbers, and with AdSense Safe Paid Traffic - It's possible! 

In this article we're going to show you that you can use AdSense Safe Paid Traffic - and keep your AdSense account alive and well.

AdSense Myth Busters 2017 and Beyond

There is a HUGE myth floating around out there about purchased traffic to your website or blog. A myth we are going to finally lay to rest.

The myth buster is this: Google Allows Paid Traffic!

Wait a minute, but I've read milk-sop stories from all of these people on forums about their AdSense Accounts. How can this be?

That's easy.

It means they failed to tell you what they were doing for the account shutdown in the first place. We've been in the game with making money online with AdSense and passive income for over 7 years now. Over that time-frame we've seen huge changes. We succeed where others fail, but why and how?

First of all, this article clearly states Google allows AdSense Safe Paid Traffic. They clearly say in the article:

You’re welcome to promote your site in any manner that complies with our program policies. However, AdSense publishers are ultimately responsible for the traffic to their ads.

adsense safe paid traffic

Screenshot directly from Google

This quote directly from Google carries many implications. First of all, it states clearly that publishers have the right to promote their website in any way that complies with their program polices. Their program policies state that publishers are prohibited from utilizing traffic (in any form, even email marketing) that directly tell users to click. The importance of using quality traffic that complies with Google policies is key to keeping your AdSense account safe.

AdSense Safe Paid Traffic - Ignore the Whiners!

Many people are derping and whining on forums about this quote from Google, because they've seen so many users have their AdSense accounts disabled using invalid traffic generation methods.

One of the most common methods and quickest route to failure is buying traffic on thinking that it will earn you a quick buck.

AdSense safe paid traffic is hard to come by, and we're sure you can understand why!

With the AdSense Publishing Program, there are ZERO quick fixes.

Even our traffic methods suffer rigorous testing and vetting to ensure they are AdSense safe. We only claim AdSense safe paid traffic after we've received multiple payments into our Bank Accounts generated by one of our many AdSense accounts we use for testing and evolving our traffic sources. 

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AdSense Safe Paid Traffic Sources

Sirius Design Group sees Intellectual Property as sacred because it's a Universal Human Right. But we are going to reveal some ways here to offer you some FREE information to obtain AdSense Safe Paid Traffic that actually converts.

One of the biggest problems people face when jumping into the AdSense money making game is FEAR.

Most people fail as Entrepreneurs because they're afraid. They're afraid to fail. It's this very fear that holds them back from achieving success with making money online.


YouTube is a fantastic way to generate traffic to your online website or blog. Simply create a video, offer some advice such as "dog training" or "termite treatment" maybe do a product review, and then within a few days you'll start receiving traffic.


Wait a minute, you mean I can actually do something besides waste time on here?

Yes, you sure can.

Facebook is a wonderful way to receive AdSense Safe Paid Traffic to your website or blog. But how? It's simple, aside from the Facebook marketing methods what we teach, Facebook Ads and Facebook Fan Pages can be used to drive traffic to your website.  Sometimes we've seen an ROI of 200% or greater using Facebook to drive traffic to specific niches.

Google News

You mean I can actually make money from having my website submitted to Google News?

Yes. You can!

You can do more than read negative news about the world.

For example, write some content and submit your site to Google News! The beautiful thing about Google News websites is you can earn anywhere from $200-$1000/day depending on how "viral" your content is and how much traffic it receives.

Google News is a surefire way to receive AdSense Safe Paid Traffic - that's actually FREE.

You may have to pay your content writers, or you can write the content yourself. Depending on how badly you want to succeed, you could do both!

 AdSense Safe Paid Traffic Verification Methods

So you've done a little research and now you've finally broken free of the "making money online is hard" belief, and you're ready to get started. Now what?

You. Get. Started.

It's really that simple, all you need to do is actually begin testing out traffic methods, and doing your research. At Sirius Design Group, we've spent thousands of dollars, and countless hours of time researching, and testing traffic for AdSense.

There really are no shortcuts.

If you think you can figure out how to make money online with no time or capital investment you'll be looking a long time.

There is no such thing as something for nothing in life!

This means, you'll likely have to spend either time or money learning the ropes like we had to. It took us over 7 years, and roughly $100,000 in capital to achieve the kind of numbers you see in the feature image of this article - but great news! It can be done!

There is NO substitute for PERSISTENCE!

Persistence will always win. If you experience setbacks, or challenges, chalk it up as a learning lesson and keep on going.

One of the best ways to verify AdSense Safe traffic is to check your Google Analytics. Ideally, traffic for AdSense should have a larger percentage of unique to returning visitors, and be of quality real human visitors.

Chances are, if you ordered traffic on for $5 bucks, you'll be disappointed!

You can head over to our pricing page and watch the video where we show you how we took one of our clients from ZERO to over 1 grand in less than a few days.

Feel free to Contact us if you need help making money with AdSense, your e-Commerce store, or want to get started making money online today!

See you at the Finish Line,
Sirius Design Group


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