How to Prepare for Google Algorithm Updates

How to Prepare for Google Algorithm Updates
Prepare for Google Algorithm Updates with Us

The founder of Sirius Design Group - William, received extensive training in Google Webmaster Tools, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing, through mentor-ship, coaching by several highly successful SEO companies, and Internet Marketers. The trick is connecting to key resources to know exactly how to prepare for Google Algorithm Updates. In this article we will be discussing the recent changes Google made to the AdSense Publisher Program, and in the Google Search Engine.

2003: Boston

Going back to 2003 was the first documented update called Boston. Boston involved updates to the Google PageRank system and quality backlinks. The details of this update are still unclear, but we suspect this was the first pilot launch of the Google A.I. This is what we know now to be Google Rank Brain.

2005: Big Daddy

Forward to 2005, Google came out with Big Daddy. This update was more like Google Caffeine in August 2010 affecting content, and the way Google handles URLS. Ever since these days, we've seen google algorithm updates frequently. Sometimes as many as three times per calendar year!

2012: Penguin

In 2012, we saw Penguin hammer spammy factors such as keyword stuffing, and back-links coming from poor quality sites. Google Algorithm updates always follow a trend, because there are only so many factors on the Internet. Everyone panicked because of their poor quality domains receiving penalties. Our focus is always on endeavoring to build and transact quality domains.

2015: MobileGeddon

In 2015, we saw the release of "MobileGeddon" affecting sites that were not mobile responsive, and poor quality affiliate sites going lower in the search results even more. Some affiliate marketers reporting a loss of 20-60% in revenues. At Sirius, our sites actually grew stronger after this major update because all of our sites are always on the latest technology. 

2016: Panda 4.2 & RankBrain

Fast forward to 2016, Sirius has witnessed the roll out of two major Google Algorithm Updates. First huge fluctuations in both Desktop and Mobile search caused by a Google Core Quality Rank Algorithm lead to poorer search results. This had people clamoring to us for assistance, because they failed to prepare for Google algorithm updates using 4 simple methods. Google remained very silent as people tried to figure out what was going on. It is now speculated by high level SEO experts and Sirius, that Panda 4.2 and Google RankBrain are fully integrated.

As of August 2016, more Google algorithm updates roll out now known as Accelerated Mobile Pages based on Google's guidelines.   

The best way to prepare for Google Algorithm Updates

While actually very simple, we employ these 4 major criteria.

  1. Content is 100% Copyscape passable and written in a relevant tone to your site.
  2. Website builds and receives quality links coming from trusted sources.
  3. Mobile Responsive.
  4. A combination of text and media.



Google Algorithm Updates 

Screenshot of the history of Google Algorithm Updates.  

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